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    It means you wont be able to Add them Either if you Sent them a Friend Request Already it got Denied and Marked as Spam or that you dont know them Or they Modified there Privacy Settings for Friend Requests and Set it so that only Friends of Friends can Add them so if you dont have any Mutual Friends with them you cant Add them

    If you’re not friends with that person on Facebook, you can only send that person a message. Also, this may also mean that you already sent that person a request and you got marked as spam or your friend request got deleted. There is also an option so that you’ll only be sent friend requests by your friends of friends and if you can only send that person a message, this may mean that you don’t have any mutual friends.

    I hope this helps!

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    It means they may have modified their privacy settings and they may have it set so that you have to have mutual friends with them to add them.

    Or if you sent them a friend request already they have denied it and marked it as spam or that they don’t know you. This removes your ability to send them a new one.

    That means he or she has ignored or rejected your FB request. He or she just doesn’t wanna show you that they declined your request so that’s why they changed their privacy setting so that you cannot send him a request anymore. It may also be like they declined your request and than after than changed their privacy setting. A lot of people do that. Please do not resend request to them again. They have issues and pride problem. Stay far far away from these arrogant people. They are not worth your time.

    Yes, you can be blocked from sending messages to particular people. Sounds like that person blocked you.

    I was recently blocked from sending messages to a friend whom I apparently pissed off. I didn’t know I pissed them off, but I can be somewhat detached and unempathetic. Probably the reason they want nothing to do with me.

    Just find a new ex girlfriend to message.

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    It means their device (computer/phone) hasn’t received them yet, but there is more than one reason for this.

    In general, messages are marked as “sent” before they’re marked “Delivered” (the order goes: sent, delivered, and seen, and read – in that order, and they all mean different things).

    The reasons I can think of are:

    • They don’t have messenger installed.
    • You are blocked.
    • They were filtered, and the user has been sent a “message request” asking them for authorization.

    I will add more if I think of any, but these are usually the main ones from my experiences.

    I think the this Bruno Leone got spanked on his head. What all you can do is

    Mark The messages spam and abuse, and then deactivate your account permanently, if that account isn’t much worth. But if you need that, you’ll have to reactivate it after few hours.


    Step 1:Mark the sender (or receiver) spam or abuse.

    Step 2:Delete all messages.

    Step 3:Block him.

    Step 4:Deactivate your account permanent and open up with a fresh one with a vow to be in your limits thenceforth.

    Or you can reactivate that after a few hours

    They have it so that either you, or anyone, cannot send messages. Some people don’t want to private message. In a way i’m one of them. Messages never get answered by me. 🙂

    I only add people I consider real friends on Facebook.

    I’ve never really understood the need or reasoning behind having a zillion people I really don’t know listed as “friends.”

    Some of my friends network for their companies through their social media accounts and I get that.

    But, I tend to use them for a different reason.

    I like to get to know people better and to keep in touch through them.

    It’s a quality over quantity type of thing.

    you need to set in privacy that only friend can message you than no one form out side text you .

    if in privacy it sets to public then anyone can text you doesn’t matter your friend or not

    Did you send them a Friend Request in the Past ? if so it got Denied and they Marked it as Spam or that they dont know you this Prevents you from being able to Send a new Friend Request

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