• What does the beginning of depression feel like?

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    1. You may only have problems falling asleep and think that you are feeling a bit down because of the lack of sleep. Insomnia is one of the symptoms of depression.

    2. In a depressed male the only sign may be that he has less desire for sex (more days between sex) and that it takes him more effort to have an orgasm. His wife or girlfriend could help with the diagnosis by comparing how his sexual behavior was in the past, ask some questions about weight loss, mood disturbance and insomnia and send him to his physician earlier, before depression becomes full-blown.

    3. Some people, when they become depressed, become moody, irritated easily and may have problems concentrating. This, too can be the first sign that they are getting depressed.

    4. Some people experience a dark cloud, even though it is sunny. They see things negative and they have anhedonia (an utter lack to be able to experience joy). This too could be an early depression.

    5. Early depression can also disguise as symptoms of many diseases. But when the doctor checks for the suspected disease, it is not there. Nevertheless it is important as a health professional to have an open mind and think about depression. Overlooked depression could turn into a suicide at a later point, so it is important to intervene early.

    Your question is probably impossible to answer with any degree of accuracy because (1) there are different types of depression and (2) every single body is different. But, I don’t want to leave you in the dust, so I’ll simply tell you what I experienced, what I’ve observed with others in the early stages, and throw in some scholarly material.

    What I went through was simply a downward trend toward hating life that I couldn’t throw off no matter how hard I tried. Every day became a huge effort and, really, I didn’t want to get through it. After what seemed like months, I had to give up and get help because I just couldn’t drag around anymore. It felt like a big, black blanket of fatigue. I also remember a constant emotional raw kind of pain inside my gut that wanted me just to stop and cry. I guess it was pleading with me to change and let go of thought patterns and behavior that were holding me back. Who knows really. So that was my experience in the beginning.

    The very early stages of others close to me presented differently. It began with panic and anxiety about social gatherings and school, then avoiding these and feeling worse and worse about themselves for avoiding. Truly a no-win situation. Pretty quickly after the avoiding behavior, they became irritable, defensive and shut-down. So that’s their tale of woe, with depression being kicked off by anxiety.

    The following, relatively short article is very general, but it does sum up and explain depressive symptoms pretty well. If you are experiencing any of these or a combination, please don’t wait as long as I did to get help.

    Top 10 Signs of Depression

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    For me, it begins with falling behind on basic chores like laundry and dishes and whatnot, because, well, why not tomorrow? This coincides with my starting to obsess over binge activities like Netflix or video games because I do t want to think, I don’t want to notice what I should be doing. I don’t mentally ‘feel’ depressed at this point, but soon after, I notice that the games become frustrating and Netflix becomes hard to pay attention to, mostly due to my thoughts wandering unrestrained. That is when I consider myself officially depressed and I then notice I’ve avoided personal contact as much as possible. Again, I don’t ‘feel’ depressed, but my behavior is a clear giveaway. One I’ve noticed the behavior, then I ‘feel’ depressed. I feel useless and bored and pissed at myself for being useless and bored. To sum up, my first feeling of depression is the sensation of being stuck and directionless, but by the time I’ve noticed that, I’m already well into depression.

    Depression is different for every person. it genuinely feels like you’re falling apart. For example, the last two weeks I can FEEL my depression creeping back. (4 years diagnosed with ptsd, anxiety, manic depression) My anxiety and depression come in a pair and never by themselves.

    I no longer feel the need to sleep. it feels like my depression is a bad friend telling me not to worry even when I know that I’ll be exhausted in the morning

    I’ve been skipping meals because “I’m not hungry” but the truth is I’m starving but my body won’t physically let me eat without throwing up.

    Since I know this is the beginning of my depression coming back, I try my best to ignore it though it is a chemical imbalance.

    my depression ruins my days. chills, extreme hunger and exhaustion are a horrible combination. im completely exhausted until I come home, energy comes from no where. where would it come from if I haven’t eaten or slept? it feels like im losing my mind.

    there’s a naive part of me. should I try meds again? (I’ve tried 3 and they’ve all made life miserable as if it weren’t before the meds) should I talk to someone? should I start using something recreational such as marijuana? no I’ll be okay I’ve been through this before I know how to control it. But I’m wrong.

    anyway, it’s tumbling down a flight of stairs thinking that it can’t get any worse because you feel so shitty already.

    I’m not sure if you’re just curious or if you think you’re getting depressed, but if something feels off , please talk so someone.

    The first time I experienced Depression (and, well, its onset), I was a child in grade school. I didn’t know there was anything wrong with or different about me until the adults around me started noticing.

    I think the biggest manifestation of my illness was how often I felt sick in school. I hated grade school with a fiery passion. I had a LOT of difficulty socializing with my peers, and felt constantly antagonized by many of them. I also struggled with the school work—it took me much longer to finish assignments than my classmates. Most noticeably, very frequently I’d find myself in the school nurse’s office, calling my mom to ask her to come pick me up because I felt sick. To others it may have looked like a weak attempt to get out of school all the time, but I did genuinely feel like there was something wrong with my body, an overall feeling of “unwellness” even though there may not have been anything truly physically wrong with me. Everything is 20/20 in hindsight of course, and I believe all those visits to the nurses office not feeling well in school were a symptom of childhood depression.

    Another issue I had that I had no idea linked to depression was difficulty falling asleep. It would take me almost an hour after I lied down before I could actually turn my brain off and sleep. When I was taken to see a therapist in 4th grade she clarified that this was a common symptom of depression. I have had difficulty and issues with sleep ever since and do need medication to be able to sleep.

    My teachers noticed I never smiled or joked around when walking around in line like the other kids. I was pretty solemn for a child. Paying attention was hard. And not being accepted by my peers caused me quite a bit of stress throughout the years of my childhood.

    That’s most of what I can remember about the onset of my Depression.

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    It feels like a pressure in my forehead. I notice that things are becoming less and less enjoyable. Everything I do makes me feel like I should be doing something else.

    Nothing I do feels right. Life has become like a bottle of soda that’s gone flat; everything that made it enjoyable has fizzed out. I feel irritable and restless. The word ennui describes it pretty well. Then, I start feeling like all the feel-good chemicals in my brain have disappeared.

    Everything gets harder and harder to do because my body feels like it’s been coated in lead. Since I’m not doing much at this point, my mind starts telling me how worthless and useless I am.

    I stop getting out of bed. I have to pee. I’m so thirsty. I tell myself to get up over and over again. It’s so hard to do these simple things.

    My brain tells me again and again what a waste I am. This is torture. I sleep to escape.

    I think about all the different ways I can think of to kill myself. Luckily, I don’t have the energy to follow through. But for some reason just thinking about it gives me some comfort.

    I ask myself why. I try to talk myself out of it. I pray that it ends soon, and sometimes it does.

    This is how a depressive episode starts with me. In the very, very beginning it’s a pressure in the head. As it progresses that pressure turns into a kind of toxic gravity that holds me tight and refuses to let go.

    Depression is like “living in a black hole”. You may have everything around you that can be sources of your happiness but you will not be able to see or feel those things…

    1. Your feelings and thoughts will be changed. You will feel disappointed, sad and unhappy most of the time. Suppose, you were a confident person in the past ,but when there is depression in you, easy works seem to be difficult, troublesome. That means depression just destroys your self confidence.
    2. ” I am a worthless person/ life is full of pain/ people might be better off without me ” etc- this type of thoughts will pop up in your mind. You will see no hope, no destination in life. There will exist negative thoughts in your mind most of the time.
    3. Concentration problems( like focusing on something, making decisions etc ) will arise. You can’t be able to concentrate on regular activities.
    4. Physically, you may feel tired all the time. Sleep problem is common at the beginning. You will be short tempered as your tolerance level is low at that time. You will start being an antisocial person. Your food habit/ appetite will be changed and consequently there will be weight loss and other physical problems.
    5. You will see a ” ROSE” just as a flower, not as a symbol of love and compassion at the time of depression.

    Life is full of enjoyment. It will never return, once it is gone. So don’t waste it being a disappointed person.

    For me its just a knowingness that I am slipping back. It starts almost imperceptibly and unnoticably, but I do get a ‘here we go again’ feeling. Then days, or weeks later a tipping point is breached when I start crying in public, and averting my face from people not to give them a spectacle to watch, but at the same time not particularly concerned if anyone should notice. Then I know I have fallen into a bad depressed state. This deep depressed state can last for weeks, months or years. Medication does not cure it, merely manages it.

    By the way, I’d rather be ignored when crying in public as I am not crying for attention, crying is just how it is (occasionally I don’t even realise that I am crying straight away) but it still surprises me that no one ever gives a shit as to why you are crying or tries to ask if they can help. Despite my crying ‘for no reason that anone can help with, and genuinely not wanting people to notice (i know they can’t help and don’t want to be a spectacle), I don’t think I could walk past a person who was crying in a public place and not at least stop to ask if I could help in any way.

    I have an issue with depression.

    Plus i’m overthinking too, so it made more worst than it should be.

    In the beginning, according to my experience you’re probably

    • So under pressure that make you feel like you can’t fix up any problems.
    • You want to disappear from the earth!!
    • Everything that you do will be totally wrong,
    • Your head made a scenario what things will be happening next and everytime you try to solve the problem, your head will be like “no… you can’t do that”

    I’ve experience this for 3 years and i thought depression just a normal thing. But after a while, i felt it leads me to anxiety issue. Usually when this happened, I could not sleep for 2 days straight (24hours awake and not sleepy at all) because i’m afraid something will be happened, cry for no reason, i won’t eat for a whole day, my heart beating fast like i was doing sport.

    And i can’t share this with my family because they don’t believe in anxiety issues which is made me more depressed and what did i do?

    • Google them, find out the symptoms and find out how to handle those.
    • Share my experience with my close friend which (thankfully) some of them have felt the same way so they can give you some opinion.
    • Distract yourself with something else! Like… talk with your friends about your fav movie shows or another interest that can make you forget about your depression.

    And now i’ve free from over-crazily-depressed for a year!

    It feels like I’m starting to get sick. I’m tired and unmotivated. I have trouble focusing. I often have a dull headache. I have some vague aches and pains. I have trouble falling asleep, but I also have trouble getting up in the morning.

    I might start to worry more about little things like why didn’t my friend call me back right away? I might feel vaguely unsatisfied with my life: my job that I liked a month ago ceases to feel fulfilling; I worry that I’m not closer to my family (who I’m actually very close to); I feel like I’m stuck. But I can’t figure out how to fix it or even envision anything better.

    I start losing interest in things I used to care about, but it doesn’t strike me as odd yet – I just blame it on not feeling well.

    Depression happens in episodes; at first, you won’t feel you are depressed because there will be slight symptoms visible. You will find difficulty while taking naps, or you will oversee. The major sign includes overeating or under eating, feeling agitated and anxious the whole day long, and the feeling of impending doom. All these problems will affect how you think, feel, and function in your day to day activities. These all will get problematic as it will interfere in your ability to work, sleep, eat, study, or enjoy your life!

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