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    Itachi was in fact suffering from a breathing disease which he was identified with sometime after he signed up with the Anbu. Even though he continued to train and master his sharingan and genjutsu, this illness limited his physical expertise and stamina. This is why whenever he utilized his mangekyou sharingan he would be gassed instantly after. He never truly showed it though, considering that he never ever lost a battle and always advanced until completion. The fight with sasuke doesn’t count as a loss for the record, he could’ve ended sasuke quickly if he truly wished to. Itachi desired to provide sasuke the fulfillment of killing him, given that itachi massacred the uchiha clan (with good reasoning). Itachi understood he was dying and chose to join the akatsuki so it would be much easier for sasuke to discover him and dislike him much more. Itachi purposefully wished to pass away by sasukes hand to atone for his sins, which is why he left sasuke on his own to grow stronger and pursue him. He likewise mastered genjutsu like tsukoyomi so that he could save his endurance by preventing direct conflicts. If Itachi was not handicapped by this illness it’s arguable that he might have been the greatest uchiha. He was already remarkably proficient and the youngest uchiha to finish from the academy. Imagine if he got to grow up completely healthy and continue to get more powerful (perhaps get EMS). he would be unstoppable.

    My theory is that it’s the exact same chakra illness that Naruto and The sage of six paths got

    Sure in the books it specified that just Jinjuurki get this from overusing their Tailed monsters which clogs up their chakra network

    however think what Itachi continuously excessive uses, that’s best it’s his eyes that he uses to defeat his challengers

    It’s really possible due to him overusing his eyes, that his whole chakra network beginning blocking and this would explain why when he utilizes the Sussano, he begins coughing up blood and practically collapsed

    Do not hesitate to disagree

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    My guess is that Itachi suffers from MPA (tiny polyangiitis).

    However as the image says, it frequently affects individuals in their 50 s to 60 s.

    What does this next image state, cough up of blood?

    And guess what we see here? Itachi spending blood?

    Well, that practically solves it.

    Itachi Uchiha suffers from MPA (microscopic polyangiitis).

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    The guess to Itachi’s illness is most typically MPA or Microscopic Polyangiitis. This appears to be a quite typical theory among individuals as most of his signs are book. MPA is a really unusual auto immune disease that triggers antibodies to attack blood cells triggering them to bleed as they become harmed and swollen. MPA likewise attacks the crucial organs of the body and causes bleeding, coughing, and fatigue which Itachi shows throughout the series. Madara at one point also informs Sasuke that Itachi took different medications to survive which is consistent with how MPA is dealt with.

    Hope this provides you a little bit of insight into MPA which seems to be a typical theory amongst fans of the manga/anime as being the disease Itachi had.


    It was a respiratory disease that he got soon after joining ANBU. On among his objectives, he had a food scarcity and was stressed. After a while, he saw a bat in a distance and sent out among his crows to F5 that cretin like Brock Lesnar. It was currently too late. Itachi had the very best bat soup of his life. Don’t think me? See on your own how excellent of a cook he is:

    Jokes aside, the disease is never discussed. We can just theorize what it is. There was a redditor who’s theory is the most interesting on this topic: The illness that killed Itachi Uchiha

    However, all we understand is that due to the strange disease, he was coughing blood similarly to Kimimaro. We can in the very least ascertain that it was a respiratory illness.

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    He overused the Mangekyo and it had a negative impact on him. We saw that when Madara took Izunas eyes; or rather Izuna gave his eyes to Madara, Madara seemed to be in bed as if he remained in great pain and going blind. When you overuse the eye possibilities are its gon na have an actually unfavorable effect on your body. Obito never had to fret about this because half his body was Hashirama cells.

    Itachi remaining in the Akatsuki would have always encountered challengers that he needed to use the MS on. Tracking down and catching a tailed monster aint something you can do with a 3 tomoe sharingan. When it comes to challengers as skilled as kakashi, itachi understood having a drawn out battle with him utilizing his 3 tomoe sharingan would probably end in a stalemate and reinforcements would likewise arrive so best bet was to use Amaterasu, Susanoo or MS genjutsu. Any of which would make Itachi win the fight in like seconds. During his time in the Akatsuki he would have come throughout opponents strong enough to make him want to end the battle before it starts i.e utilizing an ability associated with his MS.

    If Sasuke didn’t get Itachi’s eyes im betting he would have begun to suffer the exact same method itachi did. Keep in mind obito gave Sasuke Itachi’s eye drops. Had actually itachi taken Sasuke’s eyes he would no longer be burdened by the results of the Mangekyo simply as Madara did. This might be incorrect however im pretty sure the Illness is 100%connected with the eye so upgrading to the EMS should resolve this issue. Makes me question why itachi never ever utilized Fugaku’s eyes.

    The treatment for this disease nevertheless came in the form of Itachi fans deep throting his penis to the point where they think he can beat Madara along with character more powerful than him

    Ninja Aids.

    Seriously however, it was never discussed what he was struggling with. I believe it is a breathing disease, similar to kimimaro’s sickness. Anyways, kishimoto found it relevant to kill of pure prodigies (meaning prodigies of prodigies) like itachi, minato and kimimaro, because they were so well composed they were practically impossible to eliminate, even for kage, level ninjas. So the best method to get rid of them was through an unknown illness or self sacrifice.


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    Hi, as someone who’s a pre-med trainee in wish to be a physician sooner or later and judging by Mahesh and Faiq’s action, Itachi’s illness more than likely would’ve been a form COPD (persistent obstructive pulmonary illness). From what I can collect he more than likely had chronic bronchitis( extreme swelling of the bronchial tubes in the lungs which is responsible for providing air to and from the lungs) became emphysema( over inflation of the alveoli/air sacs, meaning the tissue in his lungs have actually been damaged). Emphysema is progressive implying the illness worsens gradually til the person is dead. Our boi had 0 chance of survival, what made him the excellent ninja he was ultimately eliminated him. Which is a pity bc all he desired was peace however like they state “kindness kills.”:-LRB-

    Edit: So naturally being the curious individual and investigator I am I continue to look further, I likewise hypothesize that he might’ve ultimately died of heart failure. After all he was coughing up blood as he was passing away. Which probably was due for dramatic effect but might be described by a heart disease, I’m believing coronary artery illness or cardiomyopathy. Persistent bronchitis can likewise result in coughing up blood and is a typical cause.

    I think it is frequently called “Too good for this wicked earth” syndrome.


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    Too cool to live. Such an illness was also given to hashirama and the pirate king from one piece


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    WTF are those responses and why are people saying it’s unidentified or that it’s from over using the sharingan it was specified at one point that he had tuberculosis, or hemoptysis.


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