• Physical Education aims at the training of the body, mind, and conduct of a student. To keep a healthy mind within a healthy body, a student needs regular physical exercise.The physical education program is planned and provides instruction which provides participants with many benefits.

    1. Improved learning aptitude

    2. Improved Physical Fitness

    3. Improves cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, mobility, and body composition.

    4. Improves power, agility, reaction time, balance, speed, and coordination

    5. Skill Development

    Physical Education is of special importance to students…

    1-They are great sources of pleasure to them.

    2-They build the body and refresh their mind.

    3-They train the mind in many virtues.

    4-They learn to be fair to their opponents.They develop pluck and patience.

    5-School sports teach them to take a defeat in a good spirit.

    Physical fitness is important for a growing child. Being unfit from a young age can lead to health problems further down the line. But I’m guessing you didn’t put this on quora to get the same cliche answer. Physical activity is also important not because it prevents bad things from happening but also because it releases hormones which positively affect us. Besides some people are good at or love sports and making physical activity necessary can help those people realise and pursue their passion.

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    Physical Education means the study of Physical Exercises and games.It is a wide concept in which there are so many topics like Kinesiology, Biomechanics, Yoga, Physiology, Psychology in Sports etc. are studied under the physical education.

    In general terms we can say that physical education is the process of giving education through sports, games and exercises in which an individual learn about games and sports to be physically fit and healthy.

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    Because physical education covers things that other subjects neglect to teach. Although subjects like science, math, english e.t.c teach skills that will be important for a whole host of different careers and while PE is only said to have skills limited to those more physical careers (sports industry e.t.c), the skills learnt in PE can be beneficial for Everybody.

    Obviously, PE teaches you alot about the body/health. You can use this knowledge to improve your understanding of health and well-being/self esteem, physically improve performance or you can simply learn to develop a sense of enjoyment through movement. Knowing how to keep your body in good knick, especially as you get older, is important to a functional and happy life (in most cases). PE also gives you the oppurtunity to work in groups and overcome both physical and mental challenges. Leadership qualities are often easy to assess in students within a PE class, as it takes alot of strength to negotiate the contradictions between the competitive and co-operative nature of the subject.

    There is also the argument that PE should be used to address social concerns related to health (obesity e.t.c) although, this should be done for educative as opposed to political purposes.

    Physical Education is “education” of the body. In the United States, it refers to what we call “gym” classes where you exercise, swim, play games or learn how to play some sports. It is a requirement inmost schools unless there is a medical reason not to have to take it.

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    Phys-ed is a great way to know oneself, and ones body and how it works, what activities you may excel at and ones you don’t.

    The circulatory, respiratory, digestive, excretory, nervous and endocrine systems. The immune, integumentary, skeletal, muscle and reproductive systems are also part of the human body taught in Phys-ed.

    From this knowledge can stem flexibility, strength, agility, balance, coordination, cardiovascular fitness, camaraderie, and even history and culture related to sports and it’s history such as the Olympics and can date back thousands of years.

    Further, team work, self-development and even practical skills like situational awareness, how to listen to instructions from a coach, or swimming, as we have many bodies of water in Australia, rivers, lakes and beaches.

    You never know when these skills will come in handy. Although not a requirement of every school or syllabus, I’d recommend it stays a requirement in the educational institutes.

    According to me physical education is a combination of two words one is physical and other one is education where physical means related to nature and education is comes from the word educare which means to bring up so as a whole we can say that to bring up an individual through natural activities which provides wholesome devlopment of the individual is known as physical education.

    The field of physical education is expanding exponentially from the past few years with increasing awareness of health & fitness among the people. A career in physical education can lead you to a wide range of career options; from being a sports person to health clubs, sports good manufacturer, marketing, commentator, sports journalist, trainer and many other career roles.

    A person having done a qualification in physical education can work as a coach, team manager, fitness instructor, athletic trainer, and many more. The areas like Cryotherapy, Thermotherapy, Electromagnetic Therapy are in great demand today. So, in physical education, you can make a career as a

    · Physical Therapist

    · Occupational Therapist

    · Physical Education Teacher

    · Fitness specialist- Personal Trainer, Fitness Director.

    · Recreation worker

    · Health educator, etc.

    A good education background from a good institution would be vital to achieving success in this profession. I can suggest a few good institutes in India which offer physical education: –

    § Lovely Professional University, Punjab

    § Beacon Institute of Technology, U.P

    § Anjali Institute of Management & Science, U.P

    § Shivaji University, Maharashtra.

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    Physical education is combination of 2 words physical and education where the word physical is related to nature and on the other hand education is taken from the word educare which to brought up. so bringing up individuals with the help of nature which will leads to wholesome development of the individual is known as physical education.

    This is an odd question to ask.

    What is the point of physical education might be a better worded question. There are plenty of benefits to being physically active; better concentration, increased mental health, social skills, lower blood pressure, lower risk of obesity, and so on. We teach physical education to increase skills also, throwing and catching, striking skills, leaping, bounding and jumping, running as well as sport specific skills such as defensive skills, tactics and offensive skills. We cover invasion sports (basketball, netball, hockey) as well as outdoor sports like cycling or paddling, rock climbing or obstacle courses. Physical Education teaches people skills for life, it opens the possibilities for people to see there are so many different ways to be active into their adult lives, these skills give people the opportunity to see joy in movement and for them to remain healthy and active, able to choose any activity or sport they want, for the rest of their lives.

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