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    What is the command to summon the best possible horse in Minecraft?

    I will be able to answer this as I have been playing Minecraft for over 6 years now. First of all, if you are looking for all commands then you should go over to this site:

    All Minecraft Commands and Hacks

    It has all the commands possible and they are easily searchable. Some of them I’ve never even seen online before. It also has all the horse commands that you are looking for. Below I will list some commands that I found on that site and paste them below. It’d probably be a better idea to go there and look for them yourself as there are plenty.

    Best horse in minecraft that is controllable.

    1. /summon minecraft:horse ~ ~ ~ {Variant: 515,SaddleItem:{id:saddle,Count:1},Tame:1,Health: 100,Glowing:1,PersistenceRequired:1,Attributes: [{Name:"generic.armor",Base:100.0F},{Name:"generic.movement_speed",Base:7.0F},{Name:"horse.jump_strength",Base:1.5F},{Name:"generic.armor_toughness",Base:20.0F},{Name:"generic.follow_range",Base:85.0F},{Name:"generic.max_health",Base:100F}]} 

    A very strong horse that is immortal. It’s really fast, jumps really high, and has diamond armor.

    1. /summon horse ~ ~1 ~ {SaddleItem:{id:"minecraft:saddle",Count:1b},Variant:0,ArmorItem:{id:"minecraft:diamond_horse_armor",Count:1b},Tame:1,Attributes: [{Name:generic.maxHealth,Base:9999},{Name:generic.movementSpeed,Base:0.4},{Name:generic.followRange,Base:40},{Name:generic.knockbackResistance,Base:1.0},{Name:generic.armor,Base:30}],Invulnerable:1,Health: 9999.0f,ActiveEffects: [{Id:8,Amplifier:5,Duration:199980,ShowParticles:0b},{Id:10,Amplifier:255,Duration:199980,ShowParticles:0b}]} 

    Another horse that you could try.

    1. /give @p horse_spawn_egg{Unbreakable:1,HideFlags: 25,CanDestroy: [missingno],CanPlaceOn: [missingno],Enchantments: [{id:vanishing_curse,lvl:1}],EntityTag:{Invulnerable:1,CustomNameVisible:1,PersistenceRequired:1,Health: 1024,Variant:,Bred:1,Tame:1,Temper: 100,Attributes: [{Name:generic.max_health,Base:1024},{Name:generic.follow_range,Base:2048},{Name:generic.knockback_resistance,Base:1},{Name:generic.movement_speed,Base:1},{Name:generic.armor,Base:30},{Name:generic.armor_toughness,Base:20},{Name:horse.jump_strength,Base:2}],SaddleItem:{id:saddle,Count:1},ArmorItem:{id:diamond_horse_armor,Count:1}}} 64  
    2. 0/1/2/3/4/5/6/256/257/258/259/260/261/262/512/513/514/515/516/517/518/768/769/770/771/772/773/774/1024/1025/1026/1027/1028/1029/1030 for  

    http://mcstacker.net can help with that. You can generate a command like:

    1. /summon horse ~ ~ ~ {Health: 30f,Tame:1b,Variant: 1024,Attributes: [{Name:generic.maxHealth,Base:30},{Name:generic.movementSpeed,Base:0.3375},{Name:horse.jumpStrength,Base:1.0}]} 

    This summons a white horse with black dots, with the best health, speed, and jump height. Eliminating the Variant tag should randomly choose the coat.


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    A pretty strong horse, its immortal, fast, jumps high, has a diamond armor (Doesn’t affect the horse), no knock back and has a long follow range.

    /summon horse ~ ~1 ~ {SaddleItem:{id:”minecraft:saddle”,Count:1b},Variant:0,ArmorItem:{id:”minecraft:diamond_horse_armor”,Count:1b},Tame:1,Attributes: [{Name:generic.maxHealth,Base:9999},{Name:generic.movementSpeed,Base:0.4},{Name:generic.followRange,Base:40},{Name:generic.knockbackResistance,Base:1.0},{Name:generic.armor,Base:30}],Invulnerable:1,Health: 9999.0f,ActiveEffects: [{Id:8,Amplifier:5,Duration:199980,ShowParticles:0b},{Id:10,Amplifier:255,Duration:199980,ShowParticles:0b}]}

    Well, if you going to put it that way, this is how you’d make the best horse in Minecraft that is controllable. But, you need to put this in a command block, or else this won’t work.

    /summon minecraft:horse ~ ~ ~ {Variant: 515,SaddleItem:{id:saddle,Count:1},Tame:1,Health: 100,Glowing:1,PersistenceRequired:1,Attributes: [{Name:”generic.armor”,Base:100.0F},{Name:”generic.movement_speed”,Base:7.0F},{Name:”horse.jump_strength”,Base:1.5F},{Name:”generic.armor_toughness”,Base:20.0F},{Name:”generic.follow_range”,Base:85.0F},{Name:”generic.max_health”,Base:100F}]}


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    /summon horse ~ ~1 ~ {SaddleItem:{id:”minecraft:saddle”,Count:1b},Variant:0,ArmorItem:{id:”minecraft:diamond_horse_armor”,Count:1b},Tame:1,Attributes: [{Name:generic.maxHealth,Base:9999},{Name:generic.movementSpeed,Base:0.4},{Name:generic.followRange,Base:40},{Name:generic.knockbackResistance,Base:1.0},{Name:generic.armor,Base:30}],Invulnerable:1,Health: 9999.0f,ActiveEffects: [{Id:8,Amplifier:5,Duration:199980,ShowParticles:0b},{Id:10,Amplifier:255,Duration:199980,ShowParticles:0b}]} It didn’t work for me on bedrock but I’m not sure on Java


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    Hi! I am afraid I can not answer your question in a meaningful way. BUT I can help you to breed a horse. take your horse of desired traits, and have them breed.

    1. /summon EntityHorse ~ ~1 ~ {ArmorItem:{id:diamond_horse_armor, Count:1},Tame:1,Invulnerable:1,CustomName:"Grumm"} 

    A horse that has infinite health and a…. funny name…


    As far as I know, there is no way to command summon a horse with specific stats. The only way that I know of is to find a horse with high health (aim for two full bars) and a horse with fast run speed (I think there’s one with times times the speed of your character), then breed them until you get the best outcome. Then find a horse with a high jump (three blocks), and breed that with the best outcome. This might have changed, but that is the only way that I know how to get specific stats on a horse. Takes a little hunting but once you have the three horses it’s pretty easy.


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    It isn’t possible for you to get the best possible horse, as they are randomly generated, so you must hope for the best.

    Sorry I don’t have any more information.


    Yes, they are among the more intelligent insects studied. Their memories and learning abilities are well-known. They can memorise enough visuals to map their way back to their shelter. They can learn an appropriate response to a stimulus, rather than have it hardwired. They can also judge if a decision they previously made would be correct in a new situation, and make a new decision if it’s not, an ability known since 1964.

    More impressive feats of intelligence include self-medication: Moore & Freehling (2002) showed that when they infected their cockroaches with an acanthocephalan parasite, the cockroaches specifically went after colder habitats to severely slow down the parasite’s development.

    Structurally, they have very elaborate mushroom bodies on par with bees and ants, with some even having two calyces. Mushroom bodies are associated with learning and memory in insects; the larger and more developed they are, the smarter the insect. If you lobotimise a cockroach’s mushroom body, it loses the ability to amass visual information into a map and cannot even navigate through mazes, showing that their intelligence is tightly tied to their vision.

    Urban cockroaches like Periplaneta americana or Blattella germanica form loose aggregation of 12–15 individuals/shelter. While they are not social animals by most measures, they do have social learning and behavioural complexity in these groups, with individuals deciding if it’s worth to stay in a shelter depending on its environmental characteristics (primarily darkness) and population density. While this isn’t “intelligence”, it is still decision making hat takes multiple factors into account.

    From our human, they seem a bit stupid with their sticking to darkness and walls, and their escape response (blow on their cerci and watch them scurry away; interestingly, always in a random direction to prevent predators from learning). But these are just the behaviours that we most often see them engaging in in daily life because houses are plain habitats that just happen to coincide with their most apparent hardwired behaviours (attractions to darkness and panic response that ends when bumping into an object), so they usually look like they’re going around on autopilot when at home. Their natural habitats, forests, are much more complex, and if you observe them there, you will get a more nuanced appreciation of just how much computing they have to do.

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