• What is the difference between an advantage and a benefit?

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    An andvantage is a upper hand you an say over something which is to be accomplished and benefit is the real seek of something let me explain it with examples, Rachel and Linda both are bright student in their classes but Rachel has a slight advantage over Linda is that she is much more fluent in English than Linda , now benefit , the beef it’s of working smartly not only enhances work productivity but also the process of carrying it out in compare to just working hard , I have explained the difference and meanings of both benefit and advantage which I guess it’s clear to understand


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    My writing skills benefited by writing this answer which will be an advantage for me over my peers.

    Benefit is something which does good for a person whereas advantage means benefit due to an action or event over something else.


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    The advantage is a condition or circumstances that puts one in a favourable or superior position.

    A benefit is an advantage or profit gained from something.

    Taking an Advantage of someone has a negative side compared to the situation but it is on the negative side compared to Benefit.


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    Just in the way you would use them in a sentence

    One of the benefits of/advantages in this job is that I get to practice my French in conversation with the customers.

    You’ll also say..’I benefitted from’… but you cannot say ‘I advantaged from’… instead, you’ll say ‘I got the advantage that…’ or, ‘I got that advantage because..’

    English is a quirky language .

    ‘I said that’.. never, ‘I told that’.

    ‘I told HIM that…’but never ‘I said him that..’

    and ‘I said to him’ .. never, ‘I told to him..’

    Get used to it.


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    At risk of basing an answer on a Simpsons quote:

    Envy is wanting what another has and jealousy is fearing that another will take away what you have.

    I typically don’t care about envy – wanting what another has is often the driver for success in your own life. Someone has a great job, lovely spouse and seems to have found their passion in life? Great, that gives you something to aim for. Emulate their success and have at it!

    Jealousy on the other hand is a more capricious emotion. Being jealous implies that you not only value what you have (which is perfectly fine), but feel that others are at risk of taking it from you. It becomes a zero-sum game where the only way for you to prosper is by undermining the other person, rather than simply taking their recipe for success and applying it to your own life. It also promotes insecurity, causing you to play defensively and protect your perceived threatened asset rather than developing your life in the way you want.

    In the end, always choose envy over jealousy. Other peoples’ success, even if you feel it is undeserved in some cases, is irrelevant compared to yours, and they likely are not out to get you in either case. Stoke that envy, build an awesome life for yourself and leave the jealousy at home – it is a recipe for insecurity and unhappiness.

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    “Pros and cons” have a broader application and generically means positives vs negatives. These could include not only items that are benefits and detriments but also things that one simply likes or dislikes:

    • “Pros of dating Jimmy are our shared love of anime and his fondness for Mexican food; cons include his love of country music and that weird hat he insists on wearing.”

    “Advantages and disadvantages” is a subset of “pros and cons” and describe things that are benefits vs detriments and are usually associated with some sort of result or consequence:

    • “The advantages of dating Jimmy include his having his own car and his having a regular job; a disadvantage of dating Jimmy include having to deal with his odd work hours.”

    If one were to try to use “advantages and disadvantages” to describe a simple preference rather than a change of opportunity, there’d be an underlying question “how does this thing benefit you?”:

    • “Advantages of dating Jimmy are our shared love of anime (since we could attend conventions together) and his fondness for Mexican food (since I’m pretty good a cooking Mexican).”

    Opportunity: n. a circumstance(s) which makes the achievement of a goal(s) more probable and frequently the circumstance(s) itself has been a goal(s) so that a further goal(s) is more probable

    Be ready when opportunity knocks. Some fortunate humans have gotten a great education, have good genes or good memories, have the right connections, and have many opportunities to start out on a successful career path and relatively easily find their soul mate. They indeed have made themselves ready for opportunity and get it sooner because they were probably born into a rich, smart, caring family with good social connections.

    Most of us unfortunately have to settle for a mediocre education, have average memories, land the best job which we can find, and hopefully bump into a compatible member of the opposite sex.

    Then we find out that the only way to find better opportunities is to work hard, change jobs, learn new useful skills and knowledge, and make new contacts with humans who may help us to land a better future job. We find the going tough and it may take many years before we get a great opportunity to knock on our door.

    For many of us that great opportunity never surfaces because we are so wrapped up in the struggle to survive that we never really have the time to prepare for the opportunity which we really would like to have. Sometimes the opportunity which we are hoping for never knocks because we have set our goals too high and they are just not realistic goals because we just don’t have enough inborn talent and persistence.

    Something that is necessary is something that must be done. For a human to survive, food and water are necessary. Things that are necessary are called “necessities”.

    Something that is important is not absolutely needed, but should be prioritized (a priority). Food and water are necessary for human life. Shelter is important. Here are some other uses of these two words:

    • It is important to keep your doors locked when you leave your house.
    • It is important to get a good education.
    • It is important to be kind to those around you.
    • It is necessary to handcuff criminals so they do not attempt to escape or attack a police officer.
    • It is necessary to stop at red lights so you do not get hit by other drivers.
    • Gas is a necessity if you want to drive your car.

    Features are what the object is offering. It has nothing to do with your expectations.

    While Advantage is something when the features aligned as per your needs.

    For eg. Let’s suppose a designer wants to buy a laptop for his work. He went to a shop sees two computers :

    Comp A : 2 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard disk, AMD A8 Processor.

    Comp B : 8 GB RAM, 2 TB Hard disk, Intel core i7 Processor, NVIDIA 2 GB.

    Both A and B provide some features, but for a designer it is advantageous to go for option B. As per of his requirement he would require the features of B on top of A.


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    What is an advantage?

    Based on this answer being tagged with economics related topics, I assume this has to do with trade. There are two types of advantage in trade.

    Comparative advantage

    This is the idea that you can create an item at a lower opportunity cost than your trade partner. Because of this, you will be making this good and trading it with someone who has a comparative advantage in something you want.

    Absolute advantage

    This is the idea that you can create something using less resources than someone else. When you trade, you want to trade with someone who has an absolute advantage over you in a good or service.

    Let’s take the noun ‘benefit’ first. It means an act or an object which is useful to someone. e.g. ‘a stick is a benefit to someone with a bad leg’. ‘Purpose’ is another noun and means ‘reason for’, e.g. the reason for the stick is to help him walk properly.

    But ‘benefit’ can also be a verb and means ‘to help’ e.g. he was benefitted by having a stick to walk with’.


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