• EDIT I wanted to modify my answer in order to give somebody with cardiac arrest hope that life is not over for them.

    My ef dropped to less than 17%at one point and I was offered no more than 6 months to live and told I could drop dead any minute. I enjoy to notify you all that after taking my medications as prescribed, viewing my diet, and remaining active, (the heart is a muscle and should be worked out) and a true desire to live a life worth living, I recently got the outcomes of my latest EKG. My heart is now working at 55%, normal is 50–60%. There is no leaky valves, my heart looks healthy, and is operating generally. end of edit *

    I have no concept of life expectency however my heart is working at 20%and has been for a couple of years.

    I had a cardiovascular disease in 2011 and although I drove myself to emergency and they validated I was having a cardiac arrest I didn’t receine appropriate medical attention later on. At that time my heart function was around 24%

    I felt great. I do not look like a normal heart attack victim, I had a really physical job, I was slim, and was back to work one week later on. My GP said I didn’t need to take any heart medications and never ever followed up. I felt great so didn’t worry about it.

    One year later I had heart failure. Swollen feet, feeling like I was drowning if I put down and so on. My GP still did not do anything. I ended up driving myself to the hospital after nights of not sleeping.

    After that I had a cardiologist read me the riot act and recommend heart medications. I changed my diet plan, low sodium, and so on. I was feeling pretty good however lost consciousness one day so went back to cardiologist.

    He quadrupled one of my meds, said I could drop dead any minute and made me get a pacemaker/defibrillator.

    They had the ability to attach the defibrillator part but could not get the pacemaker wire linked. They sent me home and stated to heal and they would try once again.

    I was in pain, had NO energy, I wanted to pass away, life was unworthy living. I had awful discomfort in my ribs, could not keep any food in me, could not even walk up 6 actions. I utilized to be able to walk miles and some days I needed to craw to the bathroom.

    They attempted again to attach the pacemaker. A 45 minute procedure took 4 hours and they still didn’t get it attached. 4 cardiologists and a total of 8 hours and it was still not attached.

    I declined to let them touch me once again. I kept telling them how sick I was and the discomfort was becoming worse.

    Lastly!! I got to speak with a cardiologist that listened to me. I had actually currently cut back on my meds since I didn’t care if I passed away. I could not live that way.

    He prescribed a various medication and I had almost immediate improvement. I believe the year of taking the incorrect medicaton did damage to my heart and I had a cardiac arrest the same week they altered my meds. My implanted defibrillator conserved my life.

    From the time they implanted the defibrillator to the cardiac arrest was 8 months and I had 84 episodes where the defibrillator administered a shock. They changed my medications and I have actually had no episodes since.

    It turns out the discomfort was from ribs they moved while attempting to hook up the pacemaker. A chiropractic specialist repaired that.

    My heart is still functioning at 20%however I am now walking at least a mile on uneven terrain. I am able to live my life. I wish to live!

    I am59 I hope I live at least a years. To see my grand daughter graduate.

    Sorry for the length of my remark however I desired individuals to question their physicians and if a medication does not seem to be working don’t let them tell you it’s all in your head or there is absolutely nothing else you can take. Carvidilol is the meds I could not tolerate. It is terrific for some individuals but with others it really does more damage.

    Edit Update

    I want to excuse everyone who asked me concerns and I didn’t reply. For some reason I never ever got notice there were concerns till today when Stanley asked his concern and I happened to return and saw the others.

    I will tell you precisely what I am on.

    Spironlactone 25 mg

    Furosemide 40 mg 1– 2 xs a day

    Bisoprolol 10 mg

    Lancora Ivabradine 5 mg 2 x’s a day

    Entresto 49/51 mg two times a day. They attempted increasing it and my BP dropped so low I had no energy at all. Entresto contains 48.6 mg sacubitril and 51.4 mg valsartan.

    Like I said earlier, on carvidilol I could not do 6 actions. A couple of weeks ago I did 75 stairs without stopping, in the middle of a mile long walk.

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