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    My flag is flying freely on this beautiful day. You may find it disrespectful. Ask me about it; I have a lot to say. It stands for economic struggle, inequality as well. It is missing colors to represent what corrupt politicians and corporations have drained our once great nation of. The red is removed to represent those lives that have been lost in vain. The blue is gone to represent blue collar middle class workers. The middle class is dissolving before our eyes. Questions?


    If it’s printed in black and white, it’s because the publication only has black ink to use. This is not uncommon.

    But if it’s an actual flag manufactured in black and white, then it’s not really an American flag at all, and presumably it has been created to make some point.

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    It means simply two things:

    1) someone is exercising his or her right to freedom of speech and expression

    2) you can start expecting a gaggle of right-wingers, war hawks, and fascists to start spouting indoctrinated nationalist venom about disrespect and dishonor to “their” flag (keyword: their)—and probably start threatening whoever is displaying it, despite the law of the land protecting people who do things such as fly flags like these

    you can fly a mock flag that says FUCK THE USA or whatever else you want—it’s called freedom of speech. refer to #2 for the expected reaction here in the “land of the free”, though—land of the free, as long as you conform to rigid societal norms and don’t actually exercise your Constitutional rights too often, or too loudly.

    If there is a single red line it is for Firemen.

    If there is a single blue line it is for Police.

    Both means emergency services

    Yellow means non-governmental security

    Green means outdoor government folks like Park Rangers

    What you are seeing may be a silver stripe which would indicate prison guards.

    The only pure black/white I can think of is paramedics who (I have heard) use a white stripe.

    There are as many meanings as you want : some find it unpatrotic and disrespectful and others might find it a gloomy connotation.

    • As Mathew Shember said, in current times the black and white American flag is taken as a symbol for the economic recession that the country is going through as well as a symbol of freedom of expression.
    • It can as well be interpreted as a representation of the past, present and future of all the Black Americans living in America.

    Note that there is also the “Thin Blue Line Flag” (see The Thin Blue Line), a black and white flag with a blue line running through it :

    The Blue represents police officers and the courage they find deep inside when faced with insurmountable odds. The Black background was designed as a constant reminder of their fallen brother and sister officers. The Line is what police officers protect, the barrier between anarchy and a civilized society, between order and chaos, between respect for decency and lawlessness. Together they symbolize the camaraderie law enforcement officers all share, a brotherhood like none other.

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    If the OP mentioned a blue line, a line whatsoever, or any colors aside from black and white, I clearly missed this.

    One could say the flag represents the ignorance of the people, who ignore that which is clearly visible and put more faith and determination in self versus community, civility, etc. This is evident in the majority (>50%) of responses to this (relevant and important) question.

    If I choose to define this flag as representing ignorance, I would be deviating from 1) truth, 2) original intent and 3) helping my neighbor (reach understanding).

    If you don’t know the answer and don’t care to take the time to find out, I imagine most all would appreciate the off-the-cuff answers being repressed. Therefore not contributing to mass confusion and further deceiving the American people. After all, what are we politicians?

    There are a number of black-and-white flags with a single colored line, often red, sometimes blue, supposedly “honoring” firefighters and police.

    But this is a gross violation of the flag code and amounts to desecration of the flag. It’s odd that the folks who fly these flags, who usually consider themselves super-patriots, are so ignorant of the proper respect that should be shown to the flag.

    A valid exception exists for subdued flag patches on armed forces uniforms. There is also an exception for flag patches worn on the right shoulder, which are displayed with the star field on the forward side (the reverse of how flags are normally displayed on a wall, with the stars on the left side.) This rule is to mimic the orientation of a flag on a staff moving forward.

    Found this in a google and yahoo search: a symbol for the economic recession that the country is going through. It is believed to be a call for change and a symbol of freedom of expression

    A veteran explained to me that it was an IR flag – Wikipedia, it apparently started with Special Operations Forces Units and later was used by the Army. I also did some research and asked other vets that I work with and it all seems to add up. I don’t understand why people bring up the blue, red or any other color line when this question seems pretty “black and white” to me. Ha… See what I did there?

    basically, the black flag that doesn’t have a blue line, represents: who the hell knows!

    i seen black life matters, trump supporters, neo nazis, right wing and fascist supporters which basically is the same thing as saying “trump”,,,then i seen recession flag, depression flag, police supporting flag and black life matters,,, basically the representation of a black flag is a mess,,,,but i think the original representation has to do with supporting fire fighters since they were the only ones selling the image for donations after 9/11. but like i said,,i might be wrong again and at the end of the day it might even be a flag created by raccoons to celebrate the thanks giving day where loads of food end up inside rubbish bins in usa.

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