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    I do Agree with Earlier Answers. In Our Life Insurance there are 3 types of Insurance Policies.

    1. Term insurance
    2. Endowment
    3. Whole Life insurance Policies. Endowment tipe of Policies there are Money Back Policies also available to fecilitate the Policy Holders needs. In Money Back Policies there is a Fecility to get Periodically say Every 3/4 or 5years the Certain amount from Policy will be paid to the Policy Holders to meet their needs. This Money Back will be around 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, & 40%as specified in Plan! All these Money Back amount, if in force will be paid at the Survival of the Policy Holders on the specified Time. These are called Survival Benefits. At the Maturity the SB Amount will be deducted, the balance amount + Accrued Bonus will be Paid to the Policy Holder.
    4. In case of death of the policy holder the paid SB’s will not be deducted, total Sum Assured, along with Bonus will be paid to the Nominee! Thank You.

    In insurance there are basically two types of life policies.They are term assurance and endowment assurance policies.Under endowment policies the sum assured is payable on death it happens within the policy term or at the end of maturity. Under endowment type of policies Lic issues anticipated endowment policies wherein the total terms is divided into three or four equal terms.Suppose a policy is of twenty years term then period is divided into four equal terms of five year each. On the survival of the Life Assured on the of fifth year 25 % .is paid and at end tenth year survival another 25%,at of fifteenth year another 25% and survival at 20th year the balance 25% payable.Suppose death occurs at any time during the currency of the policy term full sum assured is payable notwithstanding any survival benefits having been paid in between.

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    LIC serves the policies with types of plans, to soothe the people of our nation. It is the person opt for particular plan as per his will and wish, considering his priority for future.

    ‘Survival Benefit’ is meant to be paid to the policy holder, on the term & condition of the life policy, to the holder on his survival at an interval, counted from the date of commencement of life policy, to the certain percetage of Sum Assured. In simple words, it is payable to the Money Back plans. It is payable to the person on his survival only, provided the life policy is fully inforce.

    These amounts are reduced during paying Maturity Value.

    However, death cases has some exeption also.

    In money back plans LIC will pay some percentage of SUM ASSURED as the benefit…say suppose in a money back plan of 20 yrs term with 5lacs sumassured LIC gives payment as below because party is surviving on that day…

    After 5 yrs -20%=1lac

    After 10 yrs-20%=1lac

    After 15 yrs-20%=1lac

    After [email protected]%=2lac+bonus as applicable


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    In a policy issued by lic namely money back policy payments are made at various stages even before maturity say after evey five years these payments are called survival benefits m l vohra

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    If a person had taken a 15 year life insurance policy within the period the person who has died his family can get death benefit. If the policy get matured without surrendering the policy the insured person can get the survival benefit. That’s all..

    There are some money back insurance policies, in which after a gap of certain period a prefixed percentage of sum assured is credited in the policyholders account, this prefixed amount is called survival benefit.

    It is money back amount of every 4 or 5 (for money back policy only) years. Submit your next details for survival benefit.

    Means money back of certain fixed percentage every 3,4,5 years to life assured.

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