• It’s a very interesting question. And the question itself; and the answers to it, should not be automatically relegated to the realm of ‘tinfoil hat wearers,’ as Mr Ogden has so unhelpfully (and apparently, deliberately) suggested. In fact, i have seen a few disturbing videos and websites detailing this very question and its purported answers. In one such video, someone presented an old Louisiana birth (berth) certificate which had, in very small print across the front face at the very edge of the page, ‘American Banknote Company.’ Why on earth would the ‘American Banknote Company’ be involved with the printing of a Birth (sic) Certificate? For those uninformed about this subject, which has never been taught in our public schools or universities (except perhaps, to be ridiculed), along with any real education about debt, mortgages, how banks create money out of nothing and rape the world for it, the basic premise (which shill Mr Ogden unhelpfully distracts us from) is that all citizens and possibly all residents of a country are ‘berthed’ and, at birth, are issued a ‘berth’ certificate, which is *mandatoryto obtain (on penalty of a large fine or imprisonment), a certificate which ‘registers’ the birth and, according to Black’s Law dictionary, transfers ownership of the physical property (child) from its parents, as a) witness and b) informer, to the State, and that the Birth Certificate acts as a de facto warehouse receipt; which receipt is then sold on the international bond markets as consideration, because the Western countries are all bankrupt — and have been so for decades (their populations having been sold as chattel to the international banksters and the ultra-wealthy of the world, such as the Rockefellers and Rothschilds). Once you hold a birth certificate, even though it was registered not by you but by your parents, and on that certificate, and present it as ‘identification’ for obtaining loans, or for other ‘government-approved purposes’ (such as joining the military or getting hired/agreeing to pay taxes) as far as i am aware, there is always on it, the dreaded ‘ALL CAPS NAME’ which was assigned you by the State/government. All other ‘government-approved ID documents also use the same corporate name; which implies, that you are effectively agreeing to be the chattel that you were ‘constructively admitted to be’ when your parents ignorantly transferred you over to the State as chattel (sold for future payment of the tax debt created by the Reserve Bank that operates, privately and for profit, and owned by the wealthy but undocumented elites), in every country of the world. That’s the basic premise. If there is *anytruth whatsoever to this supposition, it would mean that our corporate name, which is reasonably the only name (‘nom de plume’) which can be used by a government or a private corporation to contract with (since all corporations are dead; and only living beings, which can form a signature or make some sort of mark to identify themselves as NOT being Corporations), is actually the vehicle used to process all financial transactions of any sort; i.e., to ‘enact’ the activity of commerce — in effect, anything that requires a fee, a payment, a tax receipt, an invoice, etc. from the smallest financial transaction to the largest, comes under the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) in the USA (and other codes or Statutes in other countries), must be transacted via the corporate name (this ‘all caps name’ on your driving license, mortgage, bank statements, credit card statements, all bills, and almost any letter such as lawyers letters etc.) and, if not transacted under that specific name, are null and void in law and cannot be enforced. This would also explain why, if true, all United States Courts are actually Courts of the CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES and the same would apply to Courts in the UK (CROWN Courts, controlled by the Queen) and, hence, if we as citizens abandon the ‘nom de plume’ and refuse to transact under that name, and refuse to carry government-approved ID, we would, in effect, be ‘unrecognisable’ in law and likely be arrested and jailed until we ‘consented’ to use the ‘approved form of legal (but not lawful) personal identifying information to make any and all ‘approved financial contracts.’ For myself, i advise everyone to obtain a secondary ID and associated documentation, and arrange for a private Trust to hold all such identification (such as additional passport in another jurisdiction and a different legal name), and transact in those documents only, going forward, after securing all currently held assets. After that, when or if appropriate, renounce the birth certificate and its fraudulent ALL CAPS NAME foisted on us by our duped parents; and live a life of freedom from any and all such transgressions against our souls. We were designed to be free agents with full rights by our Creator: let’s work to throw off the chains of tyranny which ungodly and wicked men have succeeded in ensnaring us with, often for many decades (and certainly, without our consent!).

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