• What is the worst pain you have ever felt in life?

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    In no particular order

    1. Knowing someone cheated throughout a relationship
    2. Getting dumped over text
    3. Papercuts on the webbing of the hand
    4. tiny splinters
    5. long splinters that break apart
    6. Razor scooter on the shin
    7. Hit your knee with a hammer
    8. Hangovers after not drinking water or eating food, just more alcohol
    9. Ingrown hair/nails
    10. Pimples on certain areas e.g lip, in the nose, side of the neck and in the ear.
    11. Sunburnt feet
    12. Sunburnt face
    13. Walking into a corner of something
    14. Waking up to realise your phone didn’t charge
    15. Getting hit in the testicles
    16. Ulcers in the mouth
    17. Catch a bit of skin on the zip
    18. Splinter through the toe under the nail
    19. Chilli in the eyes from not washing hands after handling chilli
    20. Hitting your tailbone

    Not physical, but emotional. just last year actually. and it was the pain and fear of having someone that I love threaten to leave me, then actually leave me. it was a phone call. and I felt someone had just sucked the life out of me. I was a complete mess, crying and crying, I couldn’t stop the tears and whenever I thought I had myself under control, I started to break down again. I told all my friends to stop texting me cause whenever I got a notification I always hoped it would be him. but it never was, and that broke me again and again. I didn’t want to be here. I wanted to go far away, some where I wouldn’t think of him. But yeah.



    To stand next to my daughters mom and try for years to get her back in our custody, where we were both tricked into signing over temporary custody and. Having to miss her so much words can’t explain it. Having to see the pain and horrid feelings of not having your child home. To know that w we worked so hard to get her back. That for the 7 years we have been trying my daughters mother. Would break down crying.



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    Hi. I thought it was Gallstones , then I hurt my arm so it was Rotator Cuff. I now know none of those compare to KIDNEY STONES. I just got one out & it was horrifying! I also had a Stent put in which is basically a wire, yes, a long WIRE put in & up to your kidney to open the tube & have the stone come out. The stent & stone, raking against my kidney made me feel like I wanted to die. I kept praying for stronger drugs. In the hospital, 2 RN’S told me they had had them or knew of patients that did. They said they would rather give birth to another child without ANY pain meds than have a kidney stone. Stay Well, All.

    Physically, its the chronic pain I live with every day: its excruciating, and I essentially have to live around it.

    Emotionally, it was when I discovered my husband had been unfaithful; his infidelity devastated me because I took my vows seriously and married him because I loved him. Some of his indiscretions, I didn’t know about until after his death when four different women claimed to be his girlfriend; one of them was even crass enough to attend his funeral, and another asked if I murdered him. I didn’t, he was killed in a motorcycle crash.


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    The pain following an emergency five way bypass, which was preceded by 50 minutes of CPR. The CPR broke all of my ribs down my left side, the surgery included cutting my sternum, then spreading my rib cage.

    It took weeks to recover from this procedure. You’ve heard the phrase, “it only hurts when I breathe.” That was pretty much it, 24/7 for a few weeks. Felt like I’d been run over by a large truck, twice.

    But hey, I survived. 🤓


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