• I have heard varying points of on how FDR’s tradition changed America permanently … for instance his administration made the ownership of gold illegal!! Sounds crazy, however if you desire everybody’s gold, make an executive order right? This was supposed to assist America out of the Great depression? I send the following for factor to consider, with regard to FDR’s legacy:

    The Top 5 Reasons That FDR Drew As President

    The only thing we need to fear is fear itself … and historians lionizing the suckiest presidents in American history.

    If you like big federal government, war, socialism and bailouts, then Franklin Delano Roosevelt was your guy. But, if you think in financial flexibility and personal liberty, then FDR was a dreadful president.

    FDR was among the WORST presidents we have ever had! Do not believe me? Read the top 5 factors below.

    # 5. FDR criticized being dependent on well-being, while concurrently creating Social Security and significant welfare organizations.

    In a speech to congress in 1935, FDR stated, “The lessons of history, confirmed by the evidence right away prior to me, show conclusively that continued dependence upon relief induces a spiritual and ethical disintegration essentially damaging to the national fiber. To dole out relief in this way is to administer a narcotic, a subtle destroyer of the human spirit. It is in violation of the customs of America.”

    Oh really, fool? Then why would you put millions of Americans on well-being if it’s so “fundamentally harmful” and “in offense” of our customs?

    # 4. “Guy of individuals” FDR was an actually a buddy of the huge corporations.

    produced the contemporary corporatist state that liberals (claim to) hate, by encouraging organizations to form cartels in order to squash their competitors. The passage of the National Healing Act compelled markets to form “code authorities,” and gave them the capability to control things such as quality, salaries, prices and circulation channels. They were modeled after fascist Italy’s “corporatives,” which engaged in the exact same type of anti-competitive business practices. In truth, corporatism is commonly referred to as a kind of fascism.

    But we believed modern-day liberals enjoyed FDR and hated big corporations? Well, I think whenever you hear a liberal applauding big federal government and then railing versus huge corporations you can simply state …

    # 3. FDR ordered animals to be eliminated and food to be ruined … while people were starving and suffering from the Great Depression.

    FDR passed the Agricultural Modification Act, which was probably the most idiotic law in American history because it initially mandated that farmers slaughter animals and burn their crops in order to keep rates high and get individuals to move from the cities to the country.

    Hey, here’s a really dumb thought but, let’s say you’re in the middle of a Great Anxiety and individuals are starving … do you think it’s an excellent idea to destroy food to RAISE costs? Who would believe that was an excellent idea to tell farmers to simply slaughter cows and burn crops? FDR, that’s who.

    Oh and if you thought that sort of financial stupidity died with FDR, you thought incorrect. In 1981 the New york city Times reported that the federal government demanded that farmers in California dump millions and countless oranges.

    Doug Foster wrote “Oranges are left rotting so as to keep costs high for farmers and to keep customers from purchasing oranges at lower costs. Does the government know what it is doing? Does it care? The response of the FDA bureaucrat Ben Beloved is, “Oranges are not an important food. Individuals do not need oranges.

    REALLY? That’s what the government’s reaction is? We don’t “need” oranges? Well …

    # 2. FDR waged an all out attack against a co-equal branch of government, the Supreme Court.

    When the Supreme Court refused to just rubber stamp everything FDR desired in the New Deal, he tossed a big hissy fit. Despite the fact that the court didn’t revoke ALL of his valuable economic centralization schemes, they did overturn a lot of the most outrageous parts like when he attempted to cancel everybody’s mortgage debt. SERIOUSLY? That’s a standard violation of the right of contract.

    Still, when he was reelected in 1936, he chose to take revenge and in 1937 pressed his infamous “court packaging” plan, which would make it so that for each Supreme Court judge over the age of seventy, the president might appoint an extra judge or justice. Even FDR’s own party resembled “AWW HELL NO” and they rejected the strategy in congress, despite the fact that they had a slight majority at the time and might do it.

    What do you believe FDR did after that? Back off? Act like a grownup? Nah, he got even MORE pissed! FDR started waring members of his own party while the country’s economy was entering into another free fall. Method to act mature Mr. President. Sounds like the type of thing our current president would do.

    Still, FDR essentially succeeded in his goals since the Supreme Court got so terrified that they started upholding all his ineffective, BS regulatory procedures. They called it the “switch in time that conserved 9,” and the Supreme Court has actually generally sucked pretty hard since then.

    # 1. FDR took everyone’s gold.

    Take a look at this delighted horsh

    A lot of individuals don’t understand about this, but FDR issued an executive order that essentially stole individuals’s private gold. In 1933, FDR signed executive order number 6102, “prohibiting the Hoarding of gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates within the continental United States”.

    I mean seriously, what the hell is that? He STOLE people’s gold and prosecuted people for having personal property. The Secret Service even got associated with investigating merchants and doing all type of nasty things that is generally scheduled for today’s modern-day DEA agents. Federal government hooligans gon na criminal, I guess?

    It wasn’t until 1974 when president Gerald Ford lastly signed an expense that would
    ” permit United States residents to acquire, hold, offer, or otherwise deal with gold in the United States or abroad.” Obviously, by that time, Richard Nixon had currently taken the U.S. completely off the gold requirement and great deals of the people who had their things stolen and were prosecuted by the Feds were dead currently.

    thanks, men.

    So those are the top 5 reasons that FDR was one of the suckiest presidents in American history. Modern liberals love this guy, and it makes sense since liberals don’t have a firm grasp on history, otherwise they wouldn’t be liberals.

    Can you think of any other reasons that FDR stunk?

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