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    SO MANY BAD ANSWERS HERE and so many people that haven’t been keeping up with nutritional studies over the last decade. Heck, one guy fasted for over a year, just taking a multivitamin, electrolytes and water. All of his blood test results came back optimal and he lost a ton of fat. Our bodies are not stupid, if you have lots of fat your body will use that for fuel ESPECIALLY when you arent poisoning your body with processed carbs and sugar. The MILITARY is even looking to put all of the USA soldiers on a KETOGENIC DIET because it actually IMPROVES performance, stamina and mental clarity. Of course it would be better if you ate more calories but made them basically all fat and just enough protein to give your cells what they need to run properly and keep everything repaired. Add a ketogenic diet to an Intermittent Fasting protocol and fast for 16 to 24 hours then eat all of your fat and protein calories for the day in 1 or 2 meals. When your body switches from using glucose to using Fat for energy it controls a chemical that signals that you’re hungry, thus you can easily go that long without eating PLUS fat and protein are more filling than carbs so your stomach feels full faster. Bottom line about fasting though is that your body does NOT jump right to burning muscle first, our bodies arent dumb, your body will eat muscle of you do not use them and if you dont have much fat stored up but for people that have lots of fat, you dont need to worry about too much but clearly you want to make the most of your lower calories. As far as “starvation mode” goes, they did studies and found that water fasting for a month only showed a MINOR slow down in metabolism. If you really plan on only eating 300 cals a day you SHOULD take a multivitamin and sodium, potassium and your basic electrolytes so your body can function properly. All of the people on here saying Ketogenic diets are harmful long term or in general CLEARLY have not stayed up to date on all of the studies lately and the fact that we were never designed to run on lots of carbs. When we were living out in the wild we didnt have access to processed foods, lots of sugar or carbs. We had animals, plants, nuts, seeds ala lots of fats and proteins and minimal carbs. Heck, look at the vegans that only eat fruit based diets, they all look sickly. They have also proven that saturated fats do not lead to heart disease etc and your triglycerides are what they need to be looking at, not total cholesterol. Please do your own research from unbiased, up to date sources and not random people that are stuck in the old ways of eating like the “food pyramid” and other nonsense.

    Switch your cals to high fat, moderate protein and under 20 carbs and you will drop weight, improve blood work and improve performance long term. It can also HEAL a fatty liver, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s and many other issues that doctors would rather just push drugs and surgeries on you for. Doing this will change your life for the better. Dont worry a out lack of carbs as your body will take protein and turn some of it into glucose to keep your muscles safe and functioning and enough for your brain to run on, again our bodies are perfecting built to protect us, not to hurt us.

    I am considered lean even among Asians, but had a little fat I wanted to lose with my dancer’s standard over 15 years ago. For a couple months, I ate probably 100–200 calories a day—mostly stir-fried cabbage with minimal oil and some salt—and exercised excessively. Now that I’m vegan, I start to think perhaps some experiences (below) may have something to do with accidentally changing my diet from obsessive meat-eating to vegan as well.

    There are a few things I recall happening:

    1. My stomach got used to it very quickly. I didn’t feel hungry at all.
    2. I had a lot more energy somehow, weirdly. Probably it’s because when I feel the “extra” weight on me, I don’t like to move.
    3. I lost fat. I probably also lost some weight (I never weigh myself and didn’t weigh much for my height to begin with), but since I exercised so much and possibly gained muscles, it’s really difficult to say whether I actually lost weight.
    4. I could almost physically feel fat “melting away” from my thighs every single day, and I became obsessed with that feeling.
    5. I visibly looked even leaner and achieved the “pencil legs” I wanted.
    6. I unintentionally developed a healthy habit of drinking water. (I hardly drank water all day at school.)
    7. I felt a lot more confident, but it’s really just psychological because I thought I look great when my body is a certain shape.
    8. My mind was really sharp. I was in school studying for some extremely important exams and ended up doing extremely well—perfect scores in most subjects and overall top 3 in my class (my school is the best school in my city). Not sure whether this has anything to do with the low-calorie diet (may have something to do with the accidentally vegan diet), I was always the top student, but at least hardly eating anything for that long didn’t seem to negatively affect my performance in academics. I have only recently read that fasting can make your mind clear, that’s why some Buddhist monks in temples are required to fast for a few days from time to time.

    I think what will happen to you if you eat 300 calories a day for a month really depends on

    1. where you start, i.e., weight, diet, lifestyle, mood
    2. why you are doing it and what your goal is
    3. what makes up your 300 calories

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    ok so it depends on how frequently you eat your food.

    If you ate your meal by dividing ur meal for the whole day i.e. 3 times to fill full you will actually feel hunger.I mean a very strong urge for food.

    If you ate your meal by IF (intermittent fasting) you will feel a slight hunger but in reality you could eat more food in one sitting and will be satisfied with whatever you had consumed for that period.

    And finally if you ate your meal my doing fast for 72 hr. that is 3 day fast you could actually eat 900 calories in one meal after three days which is Im currently doing. And trust me you won’t feel any hunger at all after day one and you will lose good amount of weight and keep yourself healthy and happy by doing prolonged fasting.

    Well you will lose weight quickly. Your body was on a different weight setup, therefore you will feel lot of problems but minor ones. These will not damage you. You need around 1500 to 2000/ day and eating 300 will make your balance about 1500 minus. You will lose about 150 gm daily.

    Don’t worry try it and weigh yourself daily on a scale which should tell in grams. The aim is eat least which should not harm you physically, mentally & socialy.

    It depends on what kind of diet you are on ! Consuming 300 calories through normal diets will make you weak , and the process of losing weight will be slower than other diets. Consuming 300 calories is next to consuming nothing . You can switch to waster fasting or dry fasting , which gives you quick results . It also avoids lose skin after weight loss and disposes off the damaged cells from the body. If you’re working and it’s compulsory for you to take a minimum amt. of food , then switch to ketogenic diet . Increase your calorie intake upto 800 calories /day but most of it should come from fats and protiens instead of Carbohydrates. 75% fats , 15% protiens and 10% carbohydrates (not from sugar) . With a diet of only 25g carbs a day , your body will enter ketosis , which will lead to rapid depletion of your body fats for energy . With this , you can lose upto 1kg/day ,provided that you work out atleast 1 hour/day . It is far healthier than the diet you might be consuming right now.

    Let’s assume your BMR is 1500 calories a day. Your actual mileage may vary.

    So 300 calories (assuming you sit around all day and do no other exercise, which is a good assumption as you’ll be so wiped out on such a starvation diet) is a calorie deficit of 1200 calories a day. Or 8400 calories a week.

    A pound of fat is 3500 calories so you should lose just over 2 lbs a week.

    But it would be much easier to do two hours of moderate exercise a day and put in a few steps. Those active calories would let you eat your full BMR of 1500 and still lose a similar amount.

    And you wouldn’t feel as starved or have issues getting proper nutrition through your food. And you would be fitter and better toned.

    You can eat nothing for 10 to 20 days, I have done this, and fasting clears up many diseases created by inflammation. Food fasts over weeks are used in Russia and Germany in clinic as a way to cure many many ailments. A short fast of around 6 days leaves me with the clearest brain, it is impossible to explian the clarity feeling. My body feels great after these fasts.

    Our bodies are not designed to be constantly stuffed with food, as hunter gatherers we would naturally have days, weeks, and even winter months where food was not so readily available, this is natural. Our bodies have the ability to store some fat for times when food was scarce, this is not a faulty design.

    There is so much “opinion” by self appointed experts and much of these opinions is borrowed or parroted from others, these are not based on scientific studies. On the other hand, Russian and German doctors have huge amounts of research and documented results, more than any other countries on the health benefits of long term fasting.

    If you want to know about this you can watch the movie about fasting I think its on Netflix, or you can do some google surfing.

    I recently lost 20 pounds over around 8 weeks with around 10 days eating close to zero, followed by around 500 calories a day for the rest of the time…..I felt great, so all these people who tell you that you will be very very ill and maybe die… I think they never tried it.

    That’s my ten cents worth….not from opinion but from experience.

    If you eat 300 calories per day for a month:

    • You’ll develop health issues
    • You’ll lose weight
    • You’ll have serious food cravings, and you’ll end up binging.

    Eating 300 calories per day is basically starving yourself. If you wanna lose weight, that’s not a good path to take. Here’s why.

    Firstly, calories are important. Calories are energy that your body requires to function properly. If you don’t take enough calories, you’ll develop some serious health problems.

    I know this because I’ve been there. And even to lose weight, that’s not effective.

    When you deprive yourself of nutrients, you’ll develop some irresistible food cravings. You’ll end up binging, regaining the weight you lost, AND gaining more weight on top of that.

    So, your “300 calories per day” diet will in fact make you gain weight faster.

    You don’t need to do that to lose weight. There are way better ways out there for you to accomplish that and some more effective than others.

    “work smarter, not harder”

    “create a diet suited for your lifestyle, not a lifestyle suited for your diet”.

    If you wanna learn how to lose weight safely, permanently, and without starving yourself, I recommend you check out my personal weight loss story below.

    They Made Fun of Me for My Weight. Now, They’re Asking me For Advice…

    Please don’t. I read others’ answers to this and was concerned enough that I needed to chime in. The biggest reason was because I am obese according to my BMI and the idea of drastically reducing my calorie intake has been very seductive at times. But I am trying not to hurt myself and it’s irresponsible to encourage people like me to head into something like this without a frank discussion of the dangers.

    The side effects of eating 300 calories a day for a month would depend very much on your body and what you eat. But unless you’re under active supervision of a highly trained therapist AND doctor, it’s more likely to do you harm than good.

    The articles below go into research-backed detail about how unwise such a choice would be.

    Can You Survive on 500 Calories a Day?

    Negative Side Effects of Eating Less Than 1,200 Calories a Day

    If you are overweight and want to lose weight, you really should consult a doctor and follow his/her advice. She will likely tell you to slowly increase your weekly daily activity first and will likely talk to you about how to go about adjusting your diet.

    The most important thing is to honor your body and care for it with the intent to be able to live comfortably in it for a very long time. Try not to rush the process of getting healthy. And any changes in your diet should be about getting healthy above all other considerations.

    Depending on how fat or skinny and how much muscle you already have, it could be good for some and bad for others. If you’re obviously fat, it would be good for you if you ate spinach, kale, lemons, fish, and eggs, nuts and a bit of organic red meat now and then too. Definitely stick to nutrient-dense foods, like the ones suggested. Dont go eat 3/4th of a sausage McMuffin all day and call it healthy.

    One cup of spinach has 6 calories. So you could have 50 cups of spinach for the same calorie load as 3/4th sausage McMuffin. And that fifty cups will not only appease your hunger, but it will pack you full of almost all the vitamins and minerals you need. Plus spinach is 40% protein and 60% carbs, so it’s a good balance. Add a handful of nuts and you’ll survive just fine for quite some time. Better off with some lemons, red meat, fish, herbs and spices added too, though.

    Firstly I want to say that this is extremely dangerous and will do damage to your heart and your kidneys. When you do this to your body you’re not getting rid of fat your body goes into starvation mode going after fluids first then going after muscle tissue. And can kill you. Anyone thinking about doing this I would suggest getting medical assistance because it sounds like anorexia and the only reason why I say this is because I suffered from that as a teenager. I don’t believe in diets I never have I lost 100 pounds close to 20 years ago because I was on steroids due to an autoimmune disease and I went to a nutritional list and did a lifestyle change I haven’t gained back a pound since diets don’t work they just hurt your body I know everybody wants a quick fix.

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