• What’s the less painful and quick way to kill myself at home?

    There is Help

    Need Help? Contact a suicide hotline if you need someone to talk to. If you have a friend in need of help, please encourage that person to contact a suicide hotline as well.

    Except one person every answer is wrong. No one seems to undestand the question. Everyone was trying to help. No one was answering the question. The person didn’t want any help. He just wants an honest answer.

    Well, only one type of person can answer this question. But, we can’t call them here because they are already dead. So, actually no one can answer this question except the lucky one who has tried all the methods of killing oneself but is still alive to tell this. But, if he was that lucky why would he/she try to give his life in the first place.

    I can only say one thing in this matter. If someone wants to die let them. As they know best what is good for them. They know the conditions and circumstances they are going through. Possibly they are going through hell or something like that. (A confession here: I don’t know what hell is like still I’m using this word; as a metaphore for a very bad life) Under such conditions no one would like to live. Actually, in such condition no one can live. So, please be understanding and answer this person honestly, that is, if you know the answer. Otherwise, stop trying to help because your so called help can and will provoke him further. It is because of us only that he is thinking about killing himself. By us I mean everyone in this world except him. We are solely and directly responsible for his condition. He might be the one who has taken this decision but that decision happened because of the circumstances created by us; everyone around him.

    So, if you really want to help him then answer his question. If you can’t know the answer just pass it. Possibly something good will come out of it if you can’t answer. I hope you understand where I am coming from. In any case, it’s almost impossible for him or for us to find a right answer for this question. Let him find this answer himself. After all, he needs an answer. He is the one who is going to use it.

    After a hard life and/or a very bad thing that might have happened to him he has decided to give his life away. He is literally throwing it away as he is absolutely sure that everything is over for him . That nothing can be done now. That his life has no meaning now. If he has decided this then please don’t stop him. Let him go ahead. Let him do it. May be this is the only way out the condition he is in. Possibly there is no other way. May be he has tried everything he could to bring him out of this condition. May be all the ways out of it are closed. Obviously, he is not able to find his way out. But, you guys can’t find his way out for him. He is the only person who can do it for himself. And, if he thinks there is no way then it must be true. You can’t take this decision to live for him. Nor, can you feel or understand what he is going through so don’t tell him that he is wrong in thinking about wasting his life away. He knows what he is doing and why he is doing it. If you can’t help him then at least don’t try to stop him. He needs you help in the form of a certain type of knowledge which you don’t have. In such case you can’t help him so just let him be.

    P.S. I started calling him in the middle because i think it’s a guy. Girls are not this much weak so as to kill themselves like this. They are much stronger than guys. May not be physically but mentally and emotionally. And, mental and emotional strengths are required to live this hard life which we are all going through. And, mental and emotional strengths are required to bring yourself back from the point where this guy is standing at this moment. But, clearly he is lacking in this matter. That’s why he has decided to go this far so as to kill himself. If he was a girl he could have come back from this point but he can not do it as he is a boy.

    First of all, i’m not an expert. I’ve thought about it countless times, but I haven’t exactly attempted yet. I am planning on attempting once my life really takes a turn for the worst, even though its already really bad now. Before I give my suggestion, I want to preface some things. All those people telling you not to do it. Fuck them. I know 100% that they’re trying to help, and I respect them just as much as anyone else, but they shouldn’t be allowed to make that choice for you. If you wanna die, go ahead and do it. Second thing, I don’t think there is a fully painless way to die. Be it, making your loved ones sad, unintended ripple effects from your death, or even the pain that your death may bring to yourself. Suicide is also not really guaranteed to end the suffering. There could be anything after you die. Hell, reincarnation could possibly exist. It’s more of a gamble than anything, and with unknown factors and odds, it’s understandable why so many people frown on the idea. Now, what I am obviously hoping for after I die is nothingness. Just life as I know it, ending. That is probably what most of us want. No afterlife. Nothing. Just death. Finally, the factor of help. Some people actually do need mental health from suicide attempts, but if i were to guess, thats only half of the people that want to die. The rest just want to end their suffering, and i personally believe that they those types of people have every right to die.

    Now, with all that being said, my guess of what the most painful way to go would probably be jumping off of a skyscraper. It’s so high that you would be guaranteed to die instantly, and you won’t feel any pain. If you do, it will just be a split second, and boom! Its all over.

    I plan on pulling the old Kurt Cobain. And sooner than later. The earliest would be this Sunday evening. Number 2 buckshot to the roof of my mouth. As long as my brother or son doesn’t see it… Fuck the rest of my family. I hope to hike out a bit into the forest so I’m not found until I’m bones.

    Easy and no pain, really? Better not to try.

    That said if you are determined to try here is some info:

    1. Pills don’t work. Don’t bother. More than likely you’ll just wake up sick
    2. Shooting yourself? It is quite possible that won’t work. Imagine the pain if you failed.
    3. Hanging? Try holding your breath for more than a minute.
    4. Jumping off somewhere high? Most people fail because they don’t realize how far they have to fall to succeed. There is a beautiful young woman in our town who’s been in the hospital for months due to a failed jump. (Did you know that most people that jump off the Golden Gate Bridge drown instead of dying in the fall?)
    5. Trying something really weird? I knew someone years ago who drank insecticide (malathion). It took him three days to day while his wife and two kids watched. Shame on him for doing that to those innocent people.
    6. So, my thought is to try therapy and antidepressants. Works for my suicide ideation. Yep, I’m like you so I can say take a different path.

    If I were to do such a thing, I think I would probably use a method I’ve seen recommended for people in states where assisted suicide isn’t legal. In essence, you get a big rubber band, a plastic bag, and some tranquilizers. You take the tranquilizers, and put the plastic bag over your head, secured by the rubber band. Holding the bag and rubber band open, you make yourself comfortable, then drift off to sleep.

    The idea is that the tranquilizers will cause you to sleep, and you’ll eventually relax your hold on the plastic bag, causing the rubber band to cinch the bag shut around your neck, suffocating you.

    The upshot is that it doesn’t disfigure your corpse, or leave a mess for others to clean up. It also doesn’t require illegal drugs.

    To be clear, I don’t advocate this, and feel that suicide is generally a permanent solution to a temporary problem. That said, had I exhausted all possible avenues, this is probably the method that’s most likely to preserve the feelings of those I’d left behind.

    I can’t understand why people get mad at me and tell me if thats really your plan i dont want to talk to you anymore look i know it would be great if they don’t let a tear because they mad or some shit but whats the point of living anyway not everyone has a great life or loved ones around him or her and even of you do it’s your own life with your own decisions and still there are no rules are you done it’s done the only people that get hurt are the one that loved you and don’t want to see you go but no one understand the pain or the struggle its in my mind when i was 13 and i’m now 23 10 yearss later and i still want to end it but i still keep fighting and fighting and try to make it better but i’t won’t it only get worse and worse what’s the point of everyone that says get help seek proffesional help but and then you get under survelliance 24/7 get drugged down with pills camera in your room and no freedom so when you talk about it and try to fix your mind set the people who try to “help” makes it even more fucked up then it already is and if you talk to friends they gonne make you feel selfish my mindset on this one is if you’re really out of plans and you don’t seem something to do it for just end it why keep getting hurt cry your eyes out everyday and make you hurt yourself i still seek a plan to fix my feelings and my sitaution so i can keep my head up but enough is enough i tried it three times and it failed and it hurted so much afterwards and everyone being hatefull about you why you did it but what they don’t get is what some people need to do on a day to actually keep on going sometimes thats more killing someone that actaully killing themselfs i lost 3 friends of suicide and it hurt like hell but i know they don’t struggle anymore and live in peace and i hope soon to be a part of them again but untill that day come i fight these demons try to make it better but when there is no point anymore just think about yourself and your pain en just fucking stop this misserable life i know some people think its bad to say yeah done is done kill yourself but when there is no way out anymore thats your only choice there are no rules you make them but i can tell you pills arent the way for a painless death and even jumping off a building can still be survived

    Explosives, especially in a confined area, where you’ll be exposed to more intense overpressure.

    Gun shot; shoot yourself right between the eyes, with the barrel parallel (maybe a very slight upward angle) to the ground.

    Complex suicide; any combination of methods to increase lethality and improve odds of success.

    Pills rarely work, and if you dont know or learn about biochemistry and different drugs, you run the risk of living through it and being more fucked up than when you started. Teenagers, particularly, have been known to use the most available drugs, such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, etc, and those can cause major damage to your kidney, liver, and stomach/intestines…so then you’d have to live with a colostomy bag after your failed attempt. I’ve made 3 attempts, though none in the last 8 years or so, and one attempt while in patient. Obviously, I failed. My mistakes? 1, 2, and 3 were attempts at overdosing on a concoction of medicine and cleaning chemicals; 3rd one was the closest, but still no cigar. The attempt while in patient was with my socks; tied a couple socks together for ligature, then made 2 sock balls to put inside it, so when I cinched down on it, it would cut off my carotid arteries (instead of my esophagus). Nurse walked in and jumped on me right before I passed out. I had trouble tying it tightly, because I knew I’d only have about 8 seconds to get it secured before I started losing fine motor skills, and eventually passed out.

    Find what you love to do and let it kill you doing it. At least you will die happily, probably of old age. It’s the best suicide strategy of any.

    Inert gas poisoning

    maybe not that fast but is easy to do is unlikely to fail and is completely without pain

    if you have a car the exhaust gas (Carbon monoxide) works too otherwise helium, and other gasses work as well ofc they have to be pure

    At 46 years old i still can feel there is not 100% happiness in this world . Very happy with my wife after 15 years with her , i don’t know if she still happy with me after few mistakes that i have made in our relationship . Did i cheat on her ? Absolutely not . I have live 27 years of my life alone and i am the sort of guy that need someone in his life . If my wife decide that one day she want to leave me it would be the end for me i would be destroyed , i don’t really want to begin a new relation thinking about the previous one full of happy moment . She doesn’t know how i feel inside myself because i am keeping laughing and smiling and it’s not something i would ever tell her because it could push her far away from me 🙁 Sometimes emotional pain can be more painful than a physical pain because of her longevity . This phones number suicidal help line doesn’t have any benefit for me , they would never fix my actual problem what is inside my head since i was affected by loneliness before my relationship.

    I can really understand the peoples who want to end up them life without pain . Each one of us should be free to choice what we want to do with it .

    Nuclear bomb. At point blank the gamma rays alone will sublimate you straight from a solid to a gas at the speed of light. You just kinda poof and aren’t there anymore. The speed of light is really fast, too fast to feel pain.

    Whatever you do, don’t listen to the idiot telling you to OD. It’s not painless. It actually hurts. Like…alot. And it’s not slow, it lasts for hours which feels like longer when your head feels like its going to explode the whole time. This is objectively not painless or fast.

    Yes. For that, your brain needs to be destroyed quickly, before it has the time to process pain signals that travel towards it.

    Pain signals travel at the speed of about 0.61m/s. This means that you need something that destroys your brain faster than a second. Typically, a big explosion or a shitton of bricks collapsing on top of your skull will do that.

    Get Arsenic or Plutonium, there are many more ways, massage me if you want. , but please don’t call me a stupid hypocrite.

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