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    Dear Sagittarian’s

    The Saade Sati, which has been going on since (November 2014) for the people of Sagittarius, is going to end now. Now the hour of relief is very near for the people of Sagittarius.

    In the last 7 and a half years, the days of the people of Sagittarius were going through a lot of struggle but now on (29th April 2022), Sade Sati is going to end. Now happiness is about to arrive in the life of Sagittarius.

    good luck Sagittarian’s

    Thanks for reading 🙏🏻


    For Dhanusu Rasi Elarai Naatu Sani or Sadesati ends by April 2022 . As you would have already undergone the acid test by the Lord Saturn in the last 5 years, this part of Shani in Makara which is his own house will not bother or trouble you. It is time for rewards for the hardships faced by you all these years. The transit to Capricorn on 24th Janaury 2020 to 28th April 2022 will reduce all the hardships faced by you gradually as the year advances. Visit Navagraha temples on Saturdays and light ellu ( think seasame seeds) vilaku regularly.

    Ganesha saranam

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    Dear Querist

    For Dhanu Rashi, the Sadesati will end on 29h April 2022. Tx & Good Lck

    Many answers with lot of explanations

    simply put for Dhanu Rashi sade sathi will end by 3 Pm of 28 th April 2022 as Saturn transits (Gochara/pakarcha) from Makar (capricorn )to Kumbh (Aquarius) Rashi

    (there is a retrograde motion of Shani from Kumb to Makar rashi again from13th June 2022 and moves back to Kumbh again on 17th January 2023 ) not much importance of retrograde motion as this is only imaginary and no planets run reverse in reality . It is Kalpanik

    Gochara Transits brings only 25 percent result rest 75 percent is with Natal/birthchart positions. So not to worry on this much.

    Sadhe sati for dhanu moon (dhanu rashi) will end when Saturn moves into Aquarius. This will happen in around April 2022. I don’t know why some answers are making this so confusing.

    As a friend in this thread has mentioned, I happen to disagree with all due respect – Gochara can cause major events like marriage, death and so on because ‘they complete the equation’ in conjunction with dasha systems. Gochara matters. Sometimes its all that matters. Not just planets in signs, but planets in nakshatras causes rise and fall in prices, introduce new diseases or eliminate them and so on. So Gochara/transits matters.

    Also, retrograde motion is not kalpanik/imaginary as mentioned here in the thread. The retrograde motion is the slowing of a planet with respect to earth in such a way that it ‘appears’ that it is going reverse. Retrograde does not equal reverse. Retrograde motion increases the impact of planetary energy. Tremendously. So when a planet (in your case Saturn) will go retrograde and move back to Capricorn, the remnants of Saturn Sadhesati which has passed will be cleansed. You will know when it happens. It is a very important and enlightening period.

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    You are in phase 3 (Jan 20 2020 – 12 July 2022). This is generally where you realise who you are fighting against. (Hence the question maybe).

    This is a period of course correction for the next 30 years.

    Open your eyes, remove the lid on your head, add a bit of salt, bite the bullet and smile.

    Cabin Crew needs to prepare for landing.

    For Dhanur rashi you will have better period after March 2020 you must have suffered last 1.5 years during Janama shani that means saturn will be on your moon sign your mind will be dark losing self confidence ,So as every month passes by you will feel each month will be better than previous months.

    Next year Saturn will be transisting to Makara rasi so you will feel some light throughing on you plus you have juptier transit this year october 2019 will be favourable for Dhanur rashi.

    Pray Lord saturn donate to needy on saturday except money.

    Most affected star as of now is Pooradam.

    Take care

    God bless you

    Saturn will enter Capricorn on January 24th 2020 and will stay there for about 2.5 years, so somewhere in the mid 2022 the sade sati for dhanu rashi will end

    This is the last phase of Sadesati for those having their Moon in Saggitarius (Dhanu) As Saturn has entered in Capricorn from 25th January. But this phase of Sadesaati should be comforting as Saturn is transitting in his own sign.

    Now the results will depend on which mahadasha & antardasha is in operation now, and also the other planetary combinations & afflictions in the chart. But considering current transits, Ketu’s transit in Saggitarius is afflicting your moon until august-September 2020, thereafter an unafflicted Jupiters transit over Moon should give you good results.

    I actually didn’t know when it started for me. I’m both Dhanu Rashi and Lagna so I’m practically in a lot of mess.

    • I have no idea what is happening in my life. I somehow managed to graduate my engineering, all 4 years of which were spent in Sade Sati, the peak phase in fact hit while I was finally getting the degree. I managed though. With great difficulty.
    • My health has been a complete mess. I have never hit such rock bottom before. Depression coupled with anxiety and body ache has been ailing me for years now.
    • I used to be a non-vegetarian but for some strange reason I gave up everything. Not just non-veg but onion and garlic too, eventually. I was in fact vegan for a while until I completely cleansed my diet of negative pranic foods.
    • I found my Guru in the peak phase. I learnt several yogic practices from him which finally brought some sanity in me.
    • My sade sati actually pushed me in full force towards spirituality. I’ve experienced things that can’t be expressed in words as I explored this part of life in depth. I’ve humbled along the way realizing just how small and insignificant our existence is in this glorious cosmos.
    • I am still soul searching however amidst all of this my family relationships have reached ground zero. There is nothing left between me and my parents. I’m an only child and it is difficult to say the least, to deal with their full attention on trying to divert me towards material life and their dreams for me whilst my mental state is in a complete chaos trying to figure of the very basics of life.
    • In the last few years, I have tried my hands at all of my talents. Turns out that Sade Sati actually really makes you taste the dust. Never before in my life have I lost as much as in these few years. I have lost at everything and lost almost everything.
    • I have been made to feel like an absolute worthless piece of flesh wasting oxygen on the surface of this planet and that is is actually the least I’ve felt about myself. I’ve been made to realise just how inferior I am.
    • I feel like all this phase wants from me is to learn how to be a proper human being. When I work in alignment with that, I feel rapid movement and success, but if I try to resist it or force things to go my way, I suffer grave consequences. I am learning a lot in life through life and I guess that’s all it wants from me. To learn and grow and it’s okay to be in this phase because anyways all Sagittarians want is to experience life thoroughly. I’m all in for it.

    That’s all I have to say.

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