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    Fundamental data stock market API.

    Stocks, ETFs and mutual funds fundamentals data feeds for more than 60+ exchanges from $29.99/month.


    I went through all the above-mentioned answers but failed to get any heads-up on the Free stock data APIs for Indian Stock. So thought of answering the question with the help of all the little knowledge I have.

    I was also having the same question sometime back and did a lot of research for it, at the beginning all I ended up on the paid service or the trial period of a few days. After keeping the hunt active for few more weeks and so I started getting some positive results.

    One good platform I landed upon which provided lifetime free service was Free Stock APIs in JSON & Excel we just need to get our API key(by signing in) and we are free to get all the data required. It also has very informative documentation where we can be able to know the proper usage and the capability of the API.

    I’ll like to ask you to check out the link once to go know all its features.

    PS: 1) for Indian Stocks always add NSE: or BSE: as a prefix (for example, if you wanna get data of SBIN so enter the name as NSE:SBIN ).

    2) I’m not getting any kinda personal benefit from the website, it is just the sharing of knowledge I have.

    Get realtime stock market data (in milliseconds) and historical data using Upstox trading API. 14 day free trial for everyone gives you access to the fastest stock market feed available for consumers.

    What makes it different:

    • Millisecond frequency stock market data
    • Hosted on AWS cloud and can scale infinitely
    • No bandwidth limits

    To get started for next to nothing, sign up with Amazon Web Services. They give you 750 hours of free computing a month. Open a trading account with Upstox and sign up for the 14 day free trial of API trading.

    That’s it. Use your API key and credentials from Upstox and code away!

    There are many options available as of now for free data.

    Angel broking smart api (free)

    Alice blue api (free)

    Alpha Vantage (free + paid)

    Zerodha kite connect api (paid)

    hope this helps.

    Zerodha has built products called Kite & Kite Conect . Kite Connect Provides REST API to execute real orders, obtain live market data, manage portfolios and more. You can assume this to work like Brokerage as a service.

    Kite Connect also helps you deal with SEBI and other compliance watchdogs.

    PRICING : You can get the APIs for free (for fin-tech startups)

    Steps are mostly simple for the developers.You need to have a Zerodha Account and then create a Kite Developers Account to get the keys.

    REST-like HTTP trading APIs for startups

    Hope this helps !


    Edit-1 : This answer was written in 2016. As of Dec 2018, it seems they charge 2000/- per month now.

    Edit-2: It is Feb 2019. Just had a look at what Zerodha’s VC backed competitors are doing. Upstox(RKSV in 2015) is also providing API access for Real time and Historical data. Pricing and links are shown

    Seems like they are selling real time data for Rs.750+18%GST.

    Subscription charges for Interactive API and Historical API by Upstox

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    yahoo finance has deprecated its API for NSE and BSE.

    google finance still has its working, its suppose to be deprecate but it does work. I have posted it in similar questions.

    Google finance still offers an API which should have been deprecated long back.

    Here is an example of the API, try it on browser.

    1. http://finance.google.com/finance/info?client=ig&q=NSE:HDFC 

    You can use your favorite language to use this API. I have a simple shell script in a cron to get the details which i use to update my excel sheets.

    I had once searched on this. And as far as i know there is no free APIs for non personal use(such as building apps, using in your website etc) Sensex costs around Rs. 20LPA for real time data.

    And little less for non real time(end of day data).

    I dropped my plan of building app after reading it!!

    However if for personal use you can check Yahoo finance API. I personally never used it but have heard of.

    I don’t know why nobody commented out. You can find both bse and nse stock data from 2013 onwards on Bhav Copy in csv fromat. I don’t think zerodha or others provide it for free.

    Edit: Real time data can be extracted through API’s call of Kite Connect of Zerodha

    Kite Connect: Real Time Data Extract

    It’s subscription cost is Rs. 2000/month. I don’t know anyone else providing it cheaper with API’s accessbility (It is 5 mins delayed otherwise). You also need to open your account through Zerodha to use it.

    If you want access from the exchange for the same it cost around 3 Lakhs/year approx (fixed) along with some variable (Rs.200/month approx) for individual domestic user.

    For more details Check : https://www.nseindia.com/market-data/real-time-data-subscription

    Web crawler can extract near real time price from website like moneycontrol, economictimes, CNBC etc or inspect api’s (by google chrome inspect) that are getting called to get near real time price.

    The following one is not free but its cheap, something 1200 per month


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