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    ARK: Survival Evolved

    The way the devs made it (the game idea was fantastic, the way they pulled it off was terrible) is that the game doesn’t ‘unrender’ objects out of distance. It keeps everything loaded. After playing for a while, your computer will start to have memory leaks. Thats because the game keeps spawning more and more dinosaurs but keeps them loaded, so you eventually have upwards of 10,000+ objects: each with individual code, textures, meshes, collision detection, and AI.

    16 GB of RAM is almost necessary for this game if you’re hosting a server / playing on Official.


    Games don’ really *require16gb of RAM.

    For each game you have the minimum and the recommended specs but I gueess you know that already 😉

    In all honesty I went from 8gb to 16gb because in GTA 5 after 1–2 hours of gameplay I’d get severe stuttering ( the game would just freeze but in and out of the freeze it would always stay at 60 fps). This problem did not appear in any other games.

    Upgrading to 16gb allowed me to not have any more of these freezes and I am now a happy GTA 5 player 🙂

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    It all depends on how good you want to run the game. There are no games that in the minimum requirements, which means: what you need to run the game properly, asks for 16 gb ram except if you look on the recommended requirements, which is also gonna be asking for a high-end setup. The bottom line is: although 16GB RAM is indeed a good improvement in the performance, it’s not necessary, since 8GB RAM is gonna be able to do its job pretty much okay I’d say.

    So, if you are an avid gamer who casually streams games, 16GB of RAM is going to be the best option. For casual and hardcore gamers that don’t use the PC for much more than gaming, 8GB of adequately fast RAM should suffice. For gaming yes. That still will tend to be a bit more than needed (most new, more intensive games are asking for 12gb), but 8gb of RAM is too little for anything more than a budget rig. …

    ARK: Survival Evolved

    Batman™: Arkham Knight

    I’ve seen these using over 12GB

    I think this might be the first time I’ll answer a question here in quora. I can’t list them down but mostly, AAA games will have recommended ram amount of 16gb. In my case, I’ve recently encountered heavy stutters on Call of Duty Warzone which was fixed by upgrading my ram to 16gb.

    I think it has something to do with loading the map. I’ve also encountered the same problem with watchdogs 2 a couple of years ago which I fixed by upgrading to 8gb ram.

    So yeah, to answer your question, it will most likely be the triple A games due to map loading.

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    No game “requires” 16GB RAM. 8GB is fine for all games and you will get better performance with 16GB but none requires it.

    Minecraft if you host a server + have a lot of mods, City Skylines with additional packs like themes, roads, especially trees, even more with graphic mods, and game that are not developed well (like someone said ARK for example)

    Half-life: Alex Requires a minimum of 12gb of ram. While that’s not 16, most laptops and pre built pc’s tend to come with either 8, 16, or 32. So in this case 8gb wouldn’t be enough.


    There aren’t, as far as I can find, any games that “require” 16GB of RAM although a few do recommend 16GB to get the best experience. Among those are:


    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Battlefield 1

    There are probably others. You can search here to see if your system will run a particular game.

    Requirements Test

    Heavily modded Minecraft such as All The Mods 3. My PC once used 13GB RAM on this.

    I tried hosting a server for this and dedicated 6GB RAM to it. Once both the server and game loaded up the RAM was fully used and the server quit on me. Using any less than 6GB just makes the server unplayable according to my friend.

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