• Well, I’m ugly ,that’s one thing I know for sure lol, but I never realized until lately ,I’m 16 years old girl , and here is how I knew I was very ugly..

    1)you don’t like what you see on the mirror, this is pretty obvious ..

    2)you get bullied at school : I got bullied for having dark skin since I was a kid and of course my ugly face .

    3)you get called ugly by a lot of people : I get called ugly by a lot of people ,at school and even strangers at the streets, sometimes I be walking down the streets and come across a group of girls ,and they say “what an ugly girl “.

    4) you are told you are ugly in your face : even my brother tells me that I’m ugly in my face ,it hurts to know that even my brother thinks that I’m ugly . but there is this one specific scene that happened just two years ago when I was in eighth grade ( sorry if this was too long ) ,I’m a muslim and it was ramadan and We ( by we I mean me and my classmates and the other class who we were classmates with in 7th grade but got separated a year after because there was too many classmates in the class ) my favorite teacher brought her daughter with her who is in 4th grade , so I suppose she was around ten years old, and I was about to be 14, so we went to the restaurant first to have “Eftar” (dinner),and in there she pointed at me and made a comment and said : “don’t talk to this girl” , I was confused and asked why but she didn’t answer or notice me ,and then we went to a caffe ,to have dessert ,now we were sitting with the little girl on a big table me and my classmates (who are girls) we were around ten girls on the table and the others were on another table ,now she made a comment again and said “don’t talk to this girl” and I asked why ,why are you telling my classmates to not talk to me ,what did I ever do to you ?? and then she answered “Because you are uglyy!!” , here I was shocked and didn’t know what to say , now I know she is a kid but when I was a kid I was pretty mature and didn’t talk Shitty like that to strangers, and then she said it again and told me “every girl in here is pretty , except you “ , I felt so ashamed of myself in that moment and was insulted in front of everyone ,and then she points at every girl on the table and goes , “pretty, pretty ,pretty ,pretty ,pretty and then comes my turn and says ugly “ , she did this round about ten times I’m not even kidding ,everyone was laughing and my eyes were watering ,but I was strong enough and didn’t cry ,I have never felt offended like that in my life .and then we go outside of the shop and my friend tells my teacher that her daughter keeps calling me ugly ,here I felt the urge to cry and couldn’t hold my tears so I cried ,it was really embarrassing for me ,especially because this was my favorite teacher , so of course my teacher apologized and told me I was pretty and etc, and then a few days after she told my mom what happened (my mom is also a teacher at the same school), and made her daughter record herself apologizing, and tell me I was pretty ,well yeah she did apologize but that doesn’t change the fact that she said I’m ugly and offended me in front of all the girls who they themselves have bullied me for my dark skin color and later I knew that they have talked behind my back that even if I was ugly I was a nice person ,lol, like I care ,what’s the point of being nice when you get treated like shit for looking like shit ?ohh and I have been told later that my “bestfriend” said I was the ugliest girl in class indirectly.(I’m sorry if this was too long and boring ,but I wanted to show at least one scene of being called ugly).

    5) the lack of attraction from the opposite sex towards you.this is pretty clear no one wants their partner to be ugly ,we look for the best features in the ones we want to be in a relationship with.

    6) you don’t get any compliments: attractive people people usually get a lot of compliments ,therefore,ugly people don’t.

    7)people treat you like shit. People think they are better than ugly people so they treat you with a high ego ,or they seem more confident around you.

    8)people giggle when they see you : I have been giggled at by strangers for no reason, well apparently this is the reason.

    9) people stare at you a lot : now ,this depends, because good looking people get stared at a lot too but you”ll know by other reasons like the above statements or the body language, it’s like a surprised disgusted face but you see they are trying to hide it .

    I never wanted to believe I’m ugly ,I was actually so scared that I am but with time I accepted the bitter part of life ,that you don’t always get what you want, and life is unfair ,even though it’s the truth and I know of it now ,it still hurts to be honest ,hope this helped lol.

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