1. INFJs are voracious readers. They enjoy reading and would read almost anything that piques their interest.
    2. They are a better communicator as a writer than they are as a speaker, but this does not necessarily imply that they do not speak well.
    3. INFJs are eloquent and illuminating wordsmiths. They enjoy writing as a hobby and also because they have many great ideas that they wanted to share with the rest of the world.
    4. The thinker. The philosopher. Constantly contemplating, analysing, evaluating, observing, and internalising the world and everything around them.
    5. Futuristic person who can’t stop thinking, envisioning & predicting about a series of possible future events that could happen seconds, days, weeks, months, or even years from now. But on the downside, may struggle to seize the moment when the “future” finally arrives.
    6. They are always curious about so many things and genuinely enjoy learning something new every day, no matter how complicated or time-consuming it is, or how big or small it may affect their lives with that knowledge. And they are known as the “Jack of-all-trades” because of their profound, fiery passion for learning and expanding their understanding and knowledge in any area, subject, topic, or skills that they are passionate about.
    7. The psychology nerd. INFJs are always fascinated by how the human brain works. Intriguingly curious about the science behind the inner workings of the human brain. Enjoy people-watching, observing & studying them to figure out what makes them tick. Enjoy watching documentaries about serial killers, psychopaths, and sociopaths for fun because they are deeply curious and fascinated by how their minds function and what makes them “they.”
    8. The all-or-nothing syndrome. They always find something new to be obsessed with and enjoy a good project that they can be fully immersed in whilst losing sleep and skipping meals. Or they can simply disregard everything and spend the entire day watching movies or sleeping. There’s no in between. They either go all in or all out.
    9. They dream and fantasise about their hopes & dreams and how to make them a reality.
    10. They are constantly working on self-improvement and self-development because they genuinely want to be the best version of themselves. This includes taking care of their body, mind, and soul to become the person they aspire to be.
    11. INFJs are sensitive to criticism and avoid confrontations at all costs which may lead to bigger problems in the future if they continue to avoid discussing about things that hurt them and make them uncomfortable.
    12. Can be very blunt and overly outspoken when it comes to revealing harsh truths about things that people tend to ignore (the unrealistic reality that has been planted in the back of their minds that is further from the truth) and concealing others’ ulterior motives.
    13. INFJs may be fragile and HSPs, but they are among the most profound and courageous souls you have ever met.
    14. INFJs are in a league of their own and never see others as competitors because they only compete with themselves. They are their own harshest critic and a neurotic perfectionist that beats themselves up for not meeting their own unrealistically high standards.
    15. They always have music to keep them company, or simply a tool to distract them from the outside world. Enjoy listening to the same song even after 20 years or so.
    16. INFJs are movie enthusiasts and would rather stay in bed and binge-watch movies all day than go out partying. They have a tendency to frequently pause in the middle of a movie due to a sudden urge to google anything related because they are passionately curious to learn more just to understand what the movie is all about.
    17. INFJs are hermit monks and lone wolves at heart. They may disappear out of the blue and cut off all communication to recharge their social battery.
    18. They are huge procrastinators who actually walk the talk.
    19. INFJs may struggle to live without internet because they are constantly connected to their computers or phones, whether working, researching, streaming movies, or playing games. But they’ll be fine with or without it because they know how to keep themselves entertained.
    20. They always make an effort to dress sharply, neatly, and presentably at all times.
    21. INFJs place the highest value on honesty and authenticity, and they take it personally when others lie or betray them, which often escalates into the notorious INFJ Door Slam.
    22. INFJs have grown to be critical cynics who are constantly on guard as a result of being betrayed and lied to far too many times. They also believe that most people are motivated solely by self-interest and that there are always hidden motives behind their masks, which INFJs can detect on first meeting.
    23. INFJs are compassionate visionaries, the real-life superheroes with a big heart who take great pleasure in protecting and helping others. They are selfless individuals who would do almost anything to keep everyone happy and safe by serving as everyone’s favourite bodyguard, escort, personal assistant, errand boy, unpaid therapist, cheerleader, and wingman.
    24. They are walking human paradoxes to whom others find it difficult to relate or even comprehend. Everything about them is contradictory. Like a dice with six distinct sides, each of which is relatively unique in its own way. Layers upon layers that only a select few get the privilege of getting to know because INFJs are very private people and can be tedious to get to know as it might take them years to ultimately divulge those layers to people they deem as worthy.
    25. That little panic attack they get whenever they have to talk to strangers or answer phone calls.
    26. Excessive zoning out and disassociation from the outside world.
    27. INFJs are some of the most patient individuals you’ve ever known, and they rarely get upset or angry over petty things. It takes a lot to make them angry, and they also have a habit of bottling things up and suppressing whatever negative feelings they have, which makes them like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. And when they do, they are a force to be reckoned with, especially the broken and unbalanced ones.
    28. INFJs always find themselves drawn to sadness, gloomy, imperfections, peculiar, eccentric, bizarre, and extraordinarily unusual things that do not adhere to the social beauty standard.They perceive beauty in things that most people don’t necessarily find attractive due to negative emotions that are attached to them. For example, dreary, melancholy music and poetry.
    29. INFJs are satisfyingly loyal and great lovers, but they have a hard time finding a partner due to their unrealistically high expectations for romance and people. As demisexual (and sapiosexuals), INFJs prefer intellectual individuals as partners because they feed on intelligence and want to be able to connect with someone who can delve further into their depths. You can always find them either happily committed in a monogamous relationship or living solitary hermit monastic lives.
    30. Despite their social awkwardness, INFJs are social chameleons and can effortlessly fit in and blend in with any crowd due to their strong Fe. But they don’t necessarily belong to any of them since they are independent idealists who refuse to acquiesce to conventional conventions.

    side note: this may resonates more towards mature and healthy INFJs

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