• Why did BTS have to disband?

    Besides BTS boys were mentally and physically drain .There were much more going on between them that caused them to think about disbandment in early 2018. After a concert in late 2017 , something happened between Taehyung and Jungkook . If you remember the Vlive Jungkook was having and trying for Jimin to come , which he did. Then Taehyung came in room. U saw the tension that was there .When Taehyung saw Jimin and Jungkook was face to face like they were going and kiss. Taehyung told Jungkook stop it now he wants to have a serious talk with him. Well that’s where it all when down.

    Something happened but for the protection of Jungkook and BigHit they’re covering it up. There’s a video with Jungkook saying he’s to blame for the band wanted to disband. He didn’t know why he let it reach so far and why it happen. On an interview they asked who is the one to crash a hotel room . They’ll put Jimin & Jungkook. After all that when down Jimin and Jung kook decided to hold their relationship together.

    There’s a lot BigHit and BTS is hiding from the public. They’re good at hiding their darkness secrets. Am sure a lot of people knows about this but keep quiet cause it wss real bad and embarrassing. At the award show when Jin & J-hope spoke about they also disbanded . Who was the most emotional. Jungkook and Taehyung . Jimin and RM held on to Jungkook cause they knew what was going in Jungkook mind. Taehyung on the other hand started crying. Did you see anyone of the other members touch or held him ,NO ! Who held him ? Jungkook , cause they both knew that the two of them were the main reason for them wanted to disbanded. Those BTS carry a lot of dark baggage within them. There’s another episode with Jungkook by itself😂 . BigHit paid s lot of to keep BTS dark secrets hidden.

    It was good to know that they could of come together and talk their shit out and move on but there’s so much they hide from ARMY.

    Yes, Unfortunately are beautiful Bangtan boys have disbanded. I am very sad to see them go. They have all decided to go their separate ways.

    Jin, our oldest is going to open up a food business/restaurant and he is a CEO. It is called WorldWide Handsome’s Eat Jin Cafe.

    Namjoon is officially running for U.S. president and South Korea president. NAMJOON 2020!!!!

    SUGA has released a line of massage chairs with built in toilet and refrigerator (so that he can just lay around all day). It also comes with built in speakers so you can blast AGUST D all day and night long.

    J-Hope has opened up a dance academy called Sunshine Hope World Dance. He is also the global ambassador for Sprite.

    Jimin has also opened up a restaurant. He has opened up a special Mochi shop. Each flavor is dedicated to a specific BTS member in remembrance of the good old days when they were still a group. (I think Jungkook’s themed flavor was carrot?? I heard it was really good?)

    Taehyung is working as a flower arranger. As you know from previous Run episodes and Bangtan Bombs, V has taken a talent to flower arranging and decided to take a professional path on it. He is currently making wreaths to help RM with his president campaign.

    And Jungkook, our lovely lovely maknae…. Jungkook Is now a part of EXO, Astro, Seventeen, TWICE, and Monsta X. The other agencies realized that he was just so amazing at everything he needed to be in their groups so now if you stan jungkook you are not only an ARMY but now you are a CARAT, EXO-L, AROHA, ONCE, and MONBEBE. (*So this is why we shouldn’t have any fan wars because there is no point. All Kpop idols are amazing and friends and their is no point comparing them because they all work so hard and that’s why they have so many fans*

    Hello! Thank you for reading my JOKE. (i should be doing online school but I’m procrastinating by writing this) It is a joke. Our boys are still together and will stay together as long as they possibly can. Suga said they are working on an album so no they haven’t disbanded. Please enjoy this joke and my life lesson about pointless fan wars. Please stan BTS and MONSTA X :0) (BTS comeback soon and Monsta X comeback next month!!!) THANK YOU FOR READING THIS!!! 😁😁😁😁💟💟💟💟💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞😆😆😆

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    BTS does not need to nor are they disbanding. In fact they all just signed a 7 year contract. How exactly this will work when Jin is 26 (Korean age 27) and Yoongi aka Suga age 25 (Korean age 26), has of course, not been made clear yet. You used to be able to delay enlistment until the Korean age of 30, but that was recently cut down by 2 years to age 28. So all able bodied men must enlist into mandatory military service by the age of 28. There is rumor that they are trying to implement exemptions for idols, except this time it would not be all idols. You would have to meet certain requirements. This is mainly for those big artists that have helped make a name for Korea. However, there seems to be a stale mate on it at the moment, as there have been no further revelations of that coming to light or actually getting passed. However, time is ticking close for many artist in the KPOP industry including BTS that we all love. We will have to wait to see how BigHit handles this. With the new BigHit group TXT (Tomorrow x Together) debuting this year, it makes me wonder if all members plan on going in together to serve their mandatory enlistment to get it all out of the way at one time. This way it lessens the time they are out of the public eye and the music industry.

    Let’s face it, the music industry as a whole no matter what country it’s in, is a cutthroat and cruel business to be in. Time is not your friend in the music industry when it comes to taking a hiatus, especially in the KPOP world. If they choose to stagger the enlistments like many agencies have their groups do, it would be several years before we see them all together for a comeback, as opposed to getting it all done in one go. Then they wouldn’t be gone as long, and have a much higher chance in my opinion of maintaining their same level of success. If they wait too long, it’s not that they won’t be successful, but the reality is that time goes on, and the likelihood that they can maintain and have that same level of success lessens the longer that they remain out of the pubic eye. Just remember the old saying, out of sight out of mind. You and I might not like it sometimes, but that is reality. I love this group and have for many years now. I wish them all continued lifelong success, good health and happiness. Whatever happens, I am sure they will make the best decision that fits their goals in life. Which ever decision that is, I will support their decision fully.

    Jimin has decided to embark on a spiritual journey to find his jams.

    Yoongi wanted to become a mattress critique and Jin wants to become a professional competitive eater.

    Namjoon is writing his autobiography “The Art of Raising Children” & Taehyung now models for Chanel with the hopes of making Gucci jealous and ask him to model for them.

    J-hope works for amusement parks to determine if the rides are child friendly. They decide the results based on the intensity of his screams . Jungkook retired to the Himalayas and nobody has heard from Jungkook ever since he left to the Himalayas to meditate and listen to Justin Bieber all day.

    On December 14th, BTS attended the award show MAMA in Japan and Hong Kong. BTS had won a total of 10 awards. On the last day of MAMA in Hong Kong, at the very end, BTS was awarded with “Best Artist of The Year”. not only did they leave the arena with s lot of awards but they also left in tears not only for them but also ARMY. After receiving the award of “Best Artist of The Year” j-hope was first to come up to receive the award and to say a speech. he began off in a happy mood with later started to burst into tears during his speech. Each member was able to give a speech besides JK and RM but when Jin had came to speak, that was when thee reveled that at the beginning of 2018, all of the members were going thorough such a hard time mentally that they had even considered of disbanding but later got a hold of themselves and decided not to disband and stay wit ARMY. So in short answer, “no” they will not be disbanding and in fact they all did renew their contract with bighit for another 7 years. so don’t worry ARMY, they are not going to disband anytime sooner or later and so just worry about supporting our boys and giving all the love the deserve in this world.

    (December 18th, 2018)


    -love you ARMY!!!!!!

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    BTS isn’t officially going to disband now.

    It was a thought of the members that came in mind. It was due to the depression and stress they experienced, as well as the hate. BTS keep growing bigger and honestly, the more popular you are, the more you CAN be hated. As a whole group they love each other as family or whatever, I still respect their sexuality as a fan. Maybe, it’s just the start of BTS, the start of them becoming famous.

    Remember that they came from a small company with barely any money? People fat-shaming the members, assuming their genders etc. But they remembered that they still have ARMY that continue to support them in their life. Their past still can haunt them as an adult, adults have problems and often get depression. As a KPOP idol is just even more stress. To deal with saesang fans, haters and possibly people that send death threats!

    Another issue: BTS going to the KOREAN army. Going to the army isn’t a reason why they’ll disband because they might just pause. Often groups will and won’t have a comeback. GOT7’s Jackson and BamBam both went to the Korean army (this is an example), still, their group hasn’t disband as they’ve released songs and a new album. BlackPink’s Lisa went as well, there were clips, BlackPink hasn’t disband.

    Yes BTS will disband, they are human, they will grow older and will have to retire eventually. Though they might go down in history, it’s not known when they’ll actually disband. If one member gets a girlfriend or boyfriend, it causes hate, the kpop industry might not accept it and they might have to disband, and to marry and have kids etc. Here is some dotpoints to sum it up:

    • Depression, anxiety, hate and stress effect the group, a lot
    • If the company no longer wants BTS to work for them (which may happen when BTS get older)
    • The company’s owner could have problems with his own life?
    • When they get older, they’ll have to disband and retire

    The band has always been under a tremendous amount of pressure (check YouTube for videos – here are plenty of them and they break your heart ).

    The band has had many people, including other kpop groups, saying they did not deserve their awards. There have been many persons in the news media who have maligned them. Hip hop experts accused them of selling out.

    There were also a couple of scandals earlier in 2018 where innocent mistakes were blown way out of proportion by the media. One was where Jimin, a Korean, was slammed by Japanese media for wearing a t-shirt bearing an atomic bomb mushroom cloud and commemorating the emancipation of Korea from years of Japanese abuse and oppression. The Japanese media and government came out so aggressively that BTS appearances on some Japanese TV shows were cancelled.

    The pressure on them is unbelievable. But they are the hardest working young men ever.

    All I can say is thank God they have each other and that we have them. And that they got each other through. And that ARMYs gave them the love they needed to stay strong when times were bad.

    Are you anime traveler, because this hasn’t happened.

    You may think this because Suga release a mixtape under the name Agust D. Well, he was only using a different name because he didn’t want to be restricted with what he was allowed to say under the name Suga of BTS. This was his solo project for a while about him telling about his depression and social anxiety. Suga is still with BTS.

    You may think this because RapMonster releases his own mixtapes. Well, he likes to make music and this is just what he does on his own sometimes. He even collaborates with other artists from time to ime, but RapMon is still the leader of BTS.

    You may think this because J-Hope says he will soon release his mixtape. Same deal as Suga or RapMon. He has a passion for rapping and wants to release more for his fans and because he wants to. He does his own solo projects along with working with BTS family.

    You ,ay think this because of all of the rumors and gossip about BTS, but you should only listen to news that comes straight from iBigHit Entertainment or BTS themselves. Many people make up rumors or falsely believe in fake news. Some fake news spreads like a wild fire, but what’s accepted doesn’t make it true.

    BTS is still a big family that is continuously growing happier and closer together.

    No, they are not.

    People may be thinking, “Oh, but some of the BTS members are going to be conscripted!”

    Blah, blah, BLAH!

    Yeah, they ARE being conscripted soon, but that doesn’t mean they are being disbanded!

    Think about it! What about Big Bang? Legit, all of ’em are in the military, but they are still active as celebrities IN the Military!

    And think also about Akdong Musician. Su-Hyun’s older brother, Chan-Hyuk, is in the south Korean Navy force, but she is still active as a celebrity, appearing on TV shows and Programmes, which shows that a band or group doesn’t have to be all together in order to be called one!

    I don’t know why people take being conscripted as being disbanded. It’s like saying that if you cough, you’re sick. You sneeze, you have allergies.

    BTS is not going to just disband like that. No, not due to conscription, at the least(?). I do not believe that BTS will just break ARMY’s hearts like that (I’m also ARMY, so they’ll probs hurt me like hell too!).

    Also, 1 last thing, I don’t think they’ll just disband and make their past 6 years of their career lay waste in the dust.

    Trust me,if BTS disbands the world WOULD know and that won’t be through some random unresearched media articles written by some white journalists popping up on Internet somewhere. They just took a one-month vacation for the first time since their career started but White music Industry has only heard about hiatuses that eventually ended up in disbandment because their band members never really liked each other or had disagreement of opinions.This is what happens when yellow journalism don’t really bother to understand the depth of BTS member’s indepth bond & friendship that pulles through trials but just wanted to write something for the sake of journalism.

    Not yet but possibly soon…

    Their popularity is at a crazy height right now, but eventually it will settle down.

    Soon enough the members will start taking more interest in doing solo things. Both Jimin and V have released solo songs this year.

    In 2018, both j-hope and RM released solo mixtapes/albums.

    In 2016, Suga released his solo debut mixtape/album Agust D under the name Agust D. V starred in the k-drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth. RM had a solo mixtape/album in 2015, too!

    They’ve already done so much solo work individually, it’s just a matter of time before they go their own ways. I will always argue that BTS is family, but that doesn’t mean they can live and work together forever. I mean, some of them don’t live in the dorm anymore.

    It’s rumored that Jin is set to enlist in 2020.

    Eventually everyone will enlist, focus on their own stuff, live their own lives separately. They’ll get girlfriends/boyfriends, get married, maybe have kids, do whatever they want with their lives.

    This was bound to happen. A good example of a band going their separate ways but still sticking together is SHINee.

    The members of SHINee (forever 5!) all have done their own solo things. Minho has done acting, Key has done acting (I think all of SHINee has!) and has a solo album. Jonghyun and Taemin have multiple solo albums. Onew has a solo album. Even after Jonghyun passed they still continued on with sustaining their legacy.

    Some of the SHINee members are doing their military service, and other idols have had to before.

    It’s only a matter of time, it hurts to say. Cherish your idols and the time you have with them, and the time they’re still in a band with your favs!

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