• Well, I am not a specialist, but maybe it would help seeking information about the Restless legs syndrome.

    I also move or rub my feet against each other before sleeping, it gives me a soothing sensation. Could be a sign of anxiety or of being uncomfortable in a social situation, needing to break free from it, or simply being impatient about some future endeavor, something that you have on your mind and that it seems difficult to resolve. Hope my answer helps.

    1. Concentration

    People shaking legs can be due to the concentration. It is observed quite often that doing any physical activity can help a person concentrate. For instance, people thinking about a particularly difficult issue or problem start pacing around in the room. Those who are stuck in a cubicle or behind a desk might start shaking their legs. Moreover, studies have shown that the areas that control cognitive and motor functions overlap with each other in the brain, which suggests that it might become easier for people to concentrate when they are doing something physical. Furthermore, shaking of legs when faced with something difficult can also be a means of releasing nervous energy, too.

    2. Restlessness or Boredom

    Another possible reason for why people shake their legs is restlessness or boredom. Some people are hyperactive and can get easily bored if the situation isn’t stimulating enough for them. Such people can ease their restlessness by shaking their legs. The world we live in today is fast paced and thanks to all the gadgets that we have around us, we are always getting a considerable dose of stimuli. If suddenly all of the stimuli stop then the body might compensate for itself by shaking body parts.

    3. Analeptics

    People who make use of any kind of analeptics or stimulants such as nicotine or caffeine are bound to feel slightly agitated and anxious in a sitting position and can start shaking their legs. The urge to shake the leg intensifies if the person is using a powerful analeptic.

    4. Disabilities and Conditions

    There are several disabilities and conditions that can cause a person to continuously shake their legs. Below we list some of them, including:

    • Restless Leg Syndrome: The patients of restless leg syndrome often have a nagging feeling in their legs which they deal with by shaking their legs. This shaking helps them in easing the creepy feelings in their legs. Patients experience this strange feeling in their legs a lot more when they are resting or sleeping at night.
    • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity: People with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) always have the urge to move and do something. In order to ease this urge, they tend to shake their legs.
    • Autism: Patients with autism tend to do certain behavior or movement repeatedly, which is also known as stereotyped movements. This is mostly due to the self-stimulation, and autistic people are sensitive to stimuli and want to be in control of them too. This is why they repeat movements to soothe themselves.

    You can read more about it here:

    RLS (Restless Legs Syndrome) Diagnosis

    Why Do People Shake Leg While Sitting?

    Could be many simple reasons. Could be your subconscious doing it for better blood flow. Or maybe you are like me, can’t sit still. Lol nothing to stress. I Admire people who sit still. At the same time the extra energy has to go somewhere. When I was younger my legs were all over the place, I now know My subconscious was coping with anxiety.

    Maybe you have Restless legs syndrome?

    I used to experience intense urges to move my legs whenever I lay down to sleep at night. Sometimes I spent the whole nights staying awake due to this.

    There are different causes for this. For me, it was due to deficiency of minerals, especially iron, in the body.

    This page gives good information on how you can ‘treat’ it yourself. But if the problem persists, you might need to consult with a doctor.

    Restless legs syndrome – Treatment

    A lot of individuals bounce their legs out of habit. It could be due to restlessness, for concentration, or even because of stress. Basically, it’s typically a self-soothing or coping activity individuals do when they feel anxious and their mind is busy doing something else.

    You can burn extra calories this way, and improve circulation.

    Maybe sitting down is annoying cuz you’d rather be doing something physical like walking, tennis, not sitting down.

    Your mind is telling your body it’s bored and needs movement..

    I find that a 3 mile walk satiated the involuntary moving.

    Last observation, maybe your chair is cutting off your blood circulation so your mind is sending hints to get up off that chair and move. Same impetus for my 3 mile walks. If possible, get a chair that works for your needs, it’s priceless.

    It could be a medical disorder or anxiety. If it is not affecting your ability to function, I would not worry about it. Some people have a hard time sitting still.

    Less now as I’ve aged, but that always helped put me to sleep. That or I wiggle my hips back and forth if I slept on my stomach. Its like a rythmic type motion. Hips or feet, I always figured it like rocking yourself to sleep. Now I fall asleep way too fast and easy, anyway.

    I do this! All night if I let myself. I’m not sure what it is. It feels comfortable, soothing. It’s not restless in any way. People hate sleeping with me because I can’t help it. Apparently I do it during my sleep too. I’d love to know why certain people do it an others don’t. I hate when I’m sleeping beside a friend that I don’t feel comfortable to annoy, because it makes it difficult to sleep without that movement.

    I’m 30 years old. People hated sleeping next to me as a kid cuz I love putting my hands under people’s backs at night. If you sleep next to me and you’re on your back. I love putting one of my hands under your back. I slide it right under you as you’re sleeping. If you’re heavy enough, It feels so good as there is a great amount of pressure against my hand. If you are not heavy enough, I start to form a fist all while my hand is under your back. This causes more pressure and it feels even better: my parents hated this as I was a little kid. My own brother hated this. I even had people thinking I was gay or something and i they thought I was trying to make a move on them. Ha. My wife totally hates this. I like doing this with my feet also. I’ll put my whole foot under your back and manage it to get it there as you’re asleep without waking you up. Hours later they always wake up with a “Wtf” or “stop it”

    my favorite feeling ever is getting my elbow under your back. That is just supreme. I love it. Anyways just wanted to share

    Oh my god so there’s some one else out there that dose this wow !!! I always used to do this to when falling asleep especially when I was tired and I’d be very comfy laying there I’d start rubbing my feet together I feel like it use to help me relax a whole lot more and go in to a sort of better sleep this is something special when your really tired tho and it’s cold out and you get in a nice soft warm bed and do this it makes your whole night and sleeping experience a whole lot better

    People misinterpret hand-flapping. They don’t understand why you’re doing it, or why they shouldn’t stop you.

    For most autistic people (and the neurotypical toddlers who also flap their hands), hand-flapping is an expression of high-energy happiness. I flap my hands when I have just learned something really interesting, new, and exciting. The fact that it’s high-energy, though, means that there’s also a component of anxiety in it for me. Most hand-flapping is an expression of energetic happiness, but this isn’t universal. Sometimes it can be associated with anxiety, indecisiveness, or agitation and can be a way to burn off the energy associated with those feelings. If you don’t know the autistic person in question, assume it’s a happy stim, because that’s usually what it is.

    Some people see hand-flapping as a sign of anxiety. In neurotypicals, sometimes it is. It’s an “I don’t know what to do; I’m absolutely overwhelmed” gesture for them. So if a neurotypical, who reads you as neurotypical, tries to stop you from flapping, they may be thinking, “My friend must be really anxious. I must non-verbally tell them not to be so anxious.” This is a well-meaning gesture, but it is ultimately a misunderstanding. If you think this is what they might be doing, you can try to explain to them that flapping is something you do when you’re excited, happy, or interested.

    Other people, more familiar with autism, might know you are autistic and believe that flapping your hands is a bad sign or a bad habit. There’s a long tradition of suppressing stims in autistic people just because they’re unusual (even though NTs stim, too), and a person who grabs your hands when you’re flapping your hands might be saying, “Don’t do that. You’ll make your autism worse.” Some modern professionals are finally starting to listen to autistics when we say that our stimming is largely harmless or beneficial, and agree that we should not be taught to suppress our stims, merely to redirect them when they annoy others or when we need to “speak NT” to a neurotypical who doesn’t get it. But this change is slow, and there are still a lot of professionals, parents, and even a few autistics who still think stimming is bad and needs to be extinguished, despite all evidence to the contrary.

    One last possibility: This is a person who has correctly interpreted your hand-flapping as an expression of excitement and joy. They want to join you in your celebration, so they grab your hands and jump or dance with you. This is socially appropriate for a friend to do. You can tell if they mean the hand-grabbing this way if they are also physically expressing joy, moving in a rapid, bouncy sort of way that mimics your own hand-flapping. Also look for laughter and smiles that crinkle the outside edges of their eyes. If they are doing this, be aware that spontaneous hugs may be incoming—NTs, when they are happy enough to actually bounce in their joy, tend to want to make physical contact too.

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