• Why do I feel a pinching heart pain?

    Pain in the heart should always be considered an indication to consult your physician.

    Heart pain or Angina is usually felt as a constricting or stabbing pain in the chest area and may radiate to the shoulder and left arm and even the jaw.

    The main cause of pain is decreased blood supply to the muscles of the heart. Even though the heart handles all of the blood that is present in the body, the muscle of the heart which perform the vital pumping action cannot utilise blood from within the heart directly. They are supplied by the coronary arteries which branch out from the aorta (the outlet of the heart for oxygenated blood).

    If for some reason the blood flow in these arteries is disrupted or reduced, the oxygen supply to the cardiac muscles is reduced and inadequate as per the demands. This is what causes pain.

    The blood supply can be decreased due to a number of reasons, but the most common one is due to fat deposition in the walls of these arteries which causes them to narrow, hence leading to a decreased blood supply (atherosclerosis).

    This is a symptom of concern as if it goes uncontrolled, it may ultimately lead to complete disruption of blood supply to a part of the muscle which will cause a myocardial infarction, commonly known as a Heart Attack.

    To prevent this, the underlying disease needs to be indentified and treated before reaching a critical stage. Hence, consult your physician immediately if you experience chest pain as described above, especially after exertion or exercise.

    This is essentially not a heart pain but may be addressed as chest pain in general which is medically classified as Pleuritic chest pain. Its a sharp, stabbing pain that gets worse when you breathe in and even worse when you take a deep breath. It is often caused by problems with the thin layers of tissue that surround the lungs (called the “pleura”). Pain from the ribs or muscles lying over the ribs can cause a similar chest pain.

    Sucha s pain is tough to occur majorly due to following:

    Pneumothorax – A pneumothorax is when air gets trapped between the lung and the rib cage. This air presses on the lung and causes it to deflate or collapse. Causes of pneumothorax include injuries to the chest, cigarette smoking, and certain lung infections.

    ●Pleural effusion – Pleural effusion is when fluid builds up in the space between the lung and the rib cage. Causes of pleural effusion include tumors, pneumonia (an infection in the lungs), and blood clots in the lungs.

    ●Pleuritis – Pleuritis is the medical term for inflammation of the pleura. This can also be called “pleurisy.” The most common cause of pleuritis is infection, but it can also be caused by lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and certain medicines.

    ●Empyema – Empyema is the medical term for an infection in the fluid between the lung and the rib cage.

    Pericarditis – Pericarditis is a term for inflammation of the tissues around the heart. Sometimes the pain from pericarditis is similar to pleuritic chest pain. This could be referred to as another specific heart ache or pain around the area of the heart.

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    I have same problem like u. But you need to more elaborate exactly where and how it happens and what intensity of pain.

    It’s may be acidity, or nerve pinched in back or hand side or serious heart problems

    Pl check with doctor as below I have followed same and find route cause

    1. TAKE ECG if it’s normal then
    2. If u vegetarian then must check B12 and D3. My reports found its very low then take at course for least 6 months seriously. Take additional supplements in diet for both
    3. Same time check your sleeping position.
      • sleep without pillow 3 months minimum
      • Walk before or after dinner at least 15 minutes
      • Drink water most
      • Check your nerves pinched behind neck or 5 no disc
        • If nerves is problematic then avoid biking for three months.

    All in deed u need at least 3 to 4months to diagnose and 6 to 9 months for reduce pain to nil.

    I found two problems my nerves gets pinched between C5 disc and B12, D3 deficiency.

    Now after 2 yrs I found no pain. And completely relax.

    I have spend almost 25000 rs for doctor. No one doctor guided me. I just do google and eliminated all possible reasons one by one.

    Pl go to proper and good doctor. it surely take time to diagnose.

    It’s up to u how u diagnose the problem and clear it.

    Please do not take casually for heart pain even if it’s due to acidity.

    Do You? Sharp sudden pains in the chest wall are usually completely harmless spasms, that squeeze so much they hurt. Heart pain, angina, is from some of the heart muscle having so little oxygen that waste products build up until that bit dies, or blood flow is redistributed and the waste is sloooowly cleared. On the way there is an increasing crushing pain.

    The first is a sort of cramp. Healthy muscle hurting and saying “ouch”. As can happen spontaneously in your leg.

    The second is strangling muscle . It builds up slowly and if the muscle doesn’t die, ebbs away slowly. It’s muscle on the edge of death crying out in desperation and despair.

    As you may see, between the lines, my heart pain hurt. I agree with Burt to the extent that if you’re not sure, seek advice at least once.

    But if you’re young and otherwise healthy, they stop you in your tracks for 20 seconds and then are gone for weeks, you’ll probably be fine

    It is not Pain in Heart but Sudden Passing of Gas through Nerves situated near the Heart, but not pain in the heart.

    Remedies(To avoid such pains and Gastric Problems):-

    Don’t drink water after Consumption of meals it’s a very bad habits, as the fire of which digests the food in the stomach will get wanished and the food which present in the stomach will start getting roten then finally produces the gases and roten will start getting deposited as fat in the Body as leads to overweight or Bad Cholesterol (VLDL -Very High Density Lipoprotein know as Bad Cholesterol, Good one is HDL -High Density Lipoprotein means Good Cholesterol).

    Best drink after meals drink if Morning(Fruit Juice seasonal and not as you wish), if After noon(Butter Milk or Water mixed with curd in light consistency of both), if Dinner(Drink Milk).

    Bhojanante Jalam Visham Vare means If drink WATER after having food then it will be like a drinking a POISON. As defined inAYURVEDA.

    It is cause of more the 103 diseases if we drink water immediately after meals .

    Water can drunk only after 1 hour 48 minutes after having /consumption of Food.

    Or 48 Minutes before having /Consumption of Food only. But not immediately after having food. So water is Opposite to fire.

    To avoid pain like heart burn or pain in heart by doing simple method ie., do not Drink WATER(Which acts like Drinking POISON) immediately after Breakfast, lunch, Dinner or when food is consumed.

    WATER, make best of it to be HEALTHY.


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    Speaking from experience, you have partially blocked arteries supplying the heart muscle. When not enough blood gets through to the muscle, you feel pain. If you immediately stop and relax, the pain will sometimes back off. But, it will come again when you exert. If the blockage gets worse, you can then experience a myocardial infarction, or heart attack. That means the heart muscle has been deprived of blood and has been physically damaged. It also means that if it is severe enough, YOU DIE. You better go see a cardiologist ASAP and get tested. That doesn’t mean next week or next month. That means tomorrow.

    Pain in heart may occur for various of reason such as

    Coronary artery disease where the blood vessels are narrow or blocked due to atherosclerosis or cholesterol.and ultimately no blood flow occurs to heart and no oxygen is carried ,that might cause angina pectoris…

    Second is myocardial infarction(heart attack)

    When blood and oxygen is not reached to heart muscle.ultimately the heart muscle get damaged.

    Third one is myocarditis that is where the inflammation in heart occurs…

    4th one is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy,where genetically the heart muscles abnormally grows larger & thick.

    5th one is mitral valve prolapse where the heart valve(tricuspid,bicuspid) fails to close properly.

    6th is coronary artery dissection where tear develops in coronary artery and it is a deadly condition..

    7th reason is gastric problems…which ultimately creates high pressure in heart and ultimately chest pain.

    • I am not a man of medicine, but being a suffer I qualify to answer this question. Three possibilities are as follows:
    • A steak of sharp pain or needle prick in heart could be just a muscular pain. This is to be ignored.
    • In majority of cases this syndrome is due to stress/anxiety nurosis. Over a period of time it establishes as a full psychosomatic syndrome. Anti anxiety drugs and stress management helps. But first confirm this with the help of a wise man of medicine.
    • In few cases it may be a heart problem. There are associated symptoms. Immediate medical assistance is recommended.


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    We can’t say, pain is exactly in the Heart, I guess probably you are asking about the pain in the area of chest. If it is so, pain in chest area is of different causes. Most common is gastric pain, it is because of stomach acids regurgitating into throat. This pain mostly similar to the pain that comes in heart attack. Thats why most people confuse between gastric pain and heart attack. other cause for the pain in chest area is musculoskeletal origin, this because of any muscle pain in the chest area.

    You could have a serious medical condition that requires immediate care and attention or something not so immediate. So you need to see a Doctor as soon is possible. Getting medical advice on Quora is always chancy – you might get good advice or you might get bad advice- Especially one that could harm you very seriously so please go visit a Doctor ASAP . Hope you are alright .

    Heart pain can be caused by a variety of issues, and it is nothing to ignore. You should see your doctor right away for a professional evaluation. It is usually nothing, but one does not take chances with the ticker.

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