• Well, there are a lot of reasons, and most of them boil down to not being able to understand her actions and decisions.

    They don’t analyze her as a character and just take everything at face value. I have quite a few points I would like to go through and debunk. I’ll start from part 1 and work my way through shippuden.

    1. The first reason: “Making fun” of Naruto

    This is a common misconception. Sakura actually never made fun of Naruto:

    She criticized Naruto for getting away with all his pranks and poor behaviour without having any parents to tell him off (which is true). There’s no joke. She was insensitive and shouldn’t have said, especially in front of Sasuke, but the good thing is that realized this:

    Sasuke tells Sakura about the loneliness it brings being alone and she realized she shouldn’t have said what she said, and then she says she’ll be nicer to Naruto after that.

    There’s some hyporcicy about this, because some of the people that hate Sakura for saying this, love Obito who made Naruto an orphan in the first place:

    I don’t get how they can like Obito who killed thousands and made Naruto an orphan, but then hate Sakura for giving valid criticism…

    2. This brings me to the second point. Punching Naruto.

    People get mad because Sakura punches Naruto and there are a two explanations of why this reason is invalid.

    1. It’s slapstick comedy and thus shouldn’t be taken seriously.
    2. Naruto deserved all the punches.

    As I said it’s slap stick comedy and completely normal:

    Here Bulma punches Goku, but no one cares about that. Bulma even tried to murder Goku as soon as she met him:

    But when Sakura punches Naruto she’s abusing him? No. Because it’s comedy and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

    The second point is that Naruto deserved the punches:

    For example here. Lee just saved Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura’s life and Naruto was rude to the person that just saved his life. I’d say this punch is justified.

    I would also like to add this for anime-only watchers (This is from one of my other posts):

    3. She was never nice to Naruto.

    This is untrue:

    She might not have thanked Naruto for saving her against Gaara, but she looks very thankful to me:

    She saved Naruto’s life against Zabuza when he threw his sword into the tree the first time team 7 met him:

    This was for some reason removed in the anime though:

    Sakura also cheered for Naruto in the chunin exams:

    Sakura was also ready to give up on the chunin written exam so Naruto could still become hokage:

    I think you get the idea that she cares about Naruto by now.

    4. She only cared about Sasuke for his looks.

    This can only be said for Sakura before the land of waves arc, and this other Quora post will explain it perfectly. (It’s ver long, but detailed and worth reading):

    5. Sakura breaking off her friendship with Ino.

    Sakura initiated the rivalry but it was clearly mutual since Ino agreed and didn’t try to stay friends with Sakura.

    And they became great friends again after the chunin exams:

    6. She did nothing in the forest of death.

    This is also not true. Of course she wasn’t strong enough to do anything against Orochimaru when he showed up, but she did do something against the sound ninja:

    She was actually able to hold off these people long enough for Lee and team 10 to come and help, which is very impressive considering Sakura’s strength at this point.

    There’s also this moment:

    People criticize Sakura for “just cutting her hair, when she could stab Kin instead”. Well, considering these people can easily take take damage, stabbing Kin in the leg wouldn’t do anything. Sakura would still be captured. And her cutting her hair is more meaningful than people think:

    (Ignore the red circle)

    Sakura cutting her hair is a symbol of her starting to care more about her comrades and being helpful than caring about how she looks for Sasuke.

    7. She did nothing against Gaara.

    Not true:

    She was ready to sacrifice herself for Naruto and Sasuke against Gaara.

    8. She only cried when trying to stop Sasuke and she put the burden on Naruto.

    Of course all she could do is cry. What was she gonna do? Fight the guy with the sharingan? Not a chance.

    She also had no choice but to trust Naruto. She wasn’t allowed to go with Shikamaru’s team:

    Shikamaru wouldn’t let her go, so all she could do was to ask Naruto to promise it, which he was happy to do.

    9. No one seems to complain about her in the Sasori fight, but people say Chiyo did all the work.

    Which is not true:

    Sakura beat every one of Sasori’s major puppets:


    3rd kazekage puppet:

    Sasori’s body:

    Just as a little bonus, Chiyo said this about Sakura, when she fought the kazekage puppet:

    This isn’t to say Chiyo didn’t do a lot. Without Chiyo Sakura would’ve died, and without Sakrua then Chiyo would’ve died. They were both important. And Sakura was the one who developed the antidote that saved her and Chiyo multiple times.

    10. Sakura was useless in the Pain arc.

    No, she wasn’t.

    She oneshotted Pain’s summon:

    After that she was at the hospital healing people:

    Sakura shouldn’t have jumped in to save Naruto like Hinata did. Hinata got destroyed on the same page she approached Pain:

    Shikaku, Shikamaru’s dad, even said there’s no point in helping Naruto, because they’d just be in the way:

    Plus, Naruto asked for people to not interfere.

    And it’s not like Sakrua hasn’t rushed in to help Naruto before:

    She probably learned from this moment, that sometimes you have to stay back, becuase sometimes you’ll just get in the way.

    11. Her confession.

    Sakura confessed to Naruto because of Sai’s big mouth. Sai said these things to Sakrua:

    He made Sakura feel awful about the promise Naruto made about bringing Sasuke back. Sai put the ENTIRE blame of Naruto’s pain on Sakura. He even says he doesn’t know what Naruto said, yet he talks to Sakura about it, acting all high and mighty? He shouldn’t be saying these things especially because they’re not true. The promise is not why Naruto wants to bring back Sasuke, Naruto wants to bring back Sasuke because of their bond.

    Now that Sai has made Sakura feel just awful about the promise and Naruto loving her, she decides to kill Sasuke, so that Naruto doesn’t have to suffer from him anymore. She even says she’s ready to have Naruto hate her for that, because she thinks she helps Naruto by killing Sasuke. Now for the confession. She confessed because she found out Naruto loved her. It was a way for her to make Naruto happy after all the pain she think she caused (even though Sai got that wrong and Sakura didn’t make Naruto suffer at all). That’s why she confessed and why she wanted to kill Sasuke. It was all to make Naruto happy. NOT to mess with his feelings.

    As a bonus, here’s Sai saying he was the reason for Sakura’s actions:

    12. War arc.

    I will start with the most critiqued moment in the war arc. She didn’t stab Obito’s rinnegan:

    In the anime Sakura indeed looked slow, but that’s because of the cinematic technique suspense. When a situation is drawn out to create tension, excitement, anxiety etc. They tried to make theer excited and nervous to see if Madara would get the rinnegan or not. They needed to draw out the situation and make it look a lot longer than it was in the manga.

    Here’s how the manga did it:

    Obito tells Sakura to destroy the rinnegan. She responds with:

    Then this happens immediately after she says that:

    Madara immediately appears and:

    Obito uses kamui on Sakura before she even had the chance to destroy it. Not Sakura’s fault.

    Second point in the war arc:

    She didn’t save Naruto’s life. Hagoromo did. This is not true:

    Hagoromo can’t affect the outside. He can only speak to Naruto (and give him those powers). He’s basically saying if you die, then you die. Sakura kept Naruto’s heart going, and then Obito completely revived Naruto by giving him Kurama’s chakra back:

    Without Sakura, Naruto would’ve died completely before Obito could give him the chakra.

    The last point from the war arc I want to touch on is people say Sakura did nothing against Kaguya.

    This is not true. Sakura is part of the reason for why Kaguya was sealed away.

    She helped save Sasuke from one of Kaguya’s dimensions with her seal:

    And no, Naruto couldn’t do it. He was busy with Kaguya and his clones didn’t have enough chakra:

    Sakura’s seal was the only thing that could do it.

    Sakura’s punch is also what ultimately secrued Kaguya’s sealing:

    In conclusion:

    Does Sakura get unnecessary hate, that comes from people over looking her actual feats? Yeah, absolutely. Was Sakura useless? No, not really.

    Even after all this, is Sakura a bad character? Well, that’s for the individual to decide. I personally like her, because of the things from this post.

    Thanks for reading! <3

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