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    What is the basis or origin of these New World Order-type conspiracy theories?

    THE BASIS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER Anyone should consider it remarkably contemplative that such questions are still pertinent today. They are reflective of a disturbing, soul-deep societal phenomenon. CONSPIRACY THEORIES? Countless books, reports, analysts, governments, global elites, and academic and social institutions have for decades provided indisputable evidence of a brewing new world order, also termed one world order, global governance, a world republic, and other names that describe the same thing. Google Scholar lists about 5,800,000 results for “new world order.” The First Global Revolution: Club Of Rome “…details the coming world order.” New World Order, 1991 – George H.W. Bush address to congress.org. In 1994 the UN published the UN Development Program with a section titled “Global Governance for the 21st Century” which directly states this aim. In 1996, The United Nations issued the report “Our Global Neighborhood” outlining a plan for “global governance,” calling for an international “Conference on Global Governance” in 1998 for the purpose of submitting to the world the necessary treaties and agreements for ratification by the year 2000. The Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee introduces Resolution #66, Feb. 9, 1950 – “…the present Charter of the United Nations should be changed to provide a “true world government constitution.’” The U.S. State Department issued Document 7277, entitled “Freedom From War: The U.S. Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World.” It details a three-stage plan to disarm all nations and arm the U.N. with the final stage in which “no state would have the military power to challenge the progressively strengthened U.N. Peace Force.” Major media reports that also somehow escaped broad public attention: The 1952 World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government A New World Order for the Coronavirus Era Is Emerging -Bloomberg News Covid and the New World Order – Actionable insights from global technology thought leaders’ – FINTECH.TV Opinion | The End of the New World Order -New York Times TIME magazine: The Birth of the Global Nation The term has been in use for several decades, especially in the political field, e. g. in 1994, President Woodrow Wilson in “The New Freedom,” the Council on Foreign Relations endorsed “World Government” in its magazine “Foreign Affairs,” Henry Kissinger claimed that a “new world order” was not possible without US participation since it was the most significant component. The former UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair used the phrase in November 2000 and also in 2001 to 2003 while calling for a “new world order.” Gordon Brown, also former UK Prime Minister called for a “new world order” in 2008 while on a tour to New Delhi. He also used the phrase at the G20 Summit in 2009 in London.” Dozens of books, e.g. A History Of The New World Order, What Is America?: A Short History of the New World Order, The Power Elite, Against the Great Reset: Eighteen Theses Contra the New World Order. Despite this and much more, some media have been gaslighting it for years as a rank conspiracy theory. Makes one wonder why. THE ORIGINS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER The origin of a new world order goes back further than this, but in modern times the original idea began around 1879 with John Ruskin, according to historians such as a prime source, Georgetown University Prof. Carrol Quigley, historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, in his books, Tragedy and Hope, and, The Anglo-American Establishment. John Ruskin was an English professor who taught his apprentices that some people were superior to others and that one superior man should rule the world. His lessons were welcomed by another powerful man named Cecil Rhodes. Rhodes wrote seven wills and spent practically his entire vast fortune (he was one of the wealthiest men in history, at one point controlling 90% of the diamonds in the world through his DeBeers Diamond Group) to achieve his lifelong dream of a “New World Order.” Also Aydelotte Frank, The American Rhodes Scholarships. RELEVANCE TO THE PRESENT Recognize that people have been wanting to rule the world forever, and despite all the above efforts, the closest someone has gotten was Nazi Germany. At least one group with this purpose has learned from the many past failures. The World Economic Forum was founded in 1971 with the stated aim of being the entity to establish global governance. It was launched by one of the three largest banks in the world, the International Monetary Fund (the other two being the World Bank and the Bank for International Settlements, coordinating to make a literal world financial triumvirate). These are from the World Economic Forum website: With The Great Reset initiative, they have a timely, rebranding of the old New World Order concept of a socialist hegemonic hierarchy, which is a fancy mixture of corporatocracy and technocracy, whereby stakeholder corporations supersede governments. They needed to get rid of the conspiracy theory surrounding the old term, and they needed a global catalyst of magnitude as people wouldn’t accept it otherwise. The difference this time is the support from major nations, such as the Biden Administration, China, Canada, France, and Germany, The Netherlands, over 1000 of the world’s largest corporations (including Amazon, Google, Apple, BlackRock, Huawei Technologies, Saudi Aramco, and Volkswagen), many royalty such as King Charles, major media such as The Great Reset: How to Build a Better World Post-COVID-19 -Time Magazine Time Magazine excerpts… “The COVID-19 pandemic has provided a unique opportunity to think about the kind of future we want.” (did you take their survey?) “A Better Economy is possible. But we need to reimagine capitalism to do it.” ”Redesign capitalism to incorporate social value.” ”It’s time to radically rethink how we work.” “Covid-19 will change how we work forever. That could make the better world.” “It’s time to reinvent capitalism post-coronavirus.” “What will you sacrifice for the truth?” (chillingly ominous) From the Washington Examiner, When the World Economic Forum talks about “leaders” and their “expertise” they are not talking about the democratically elected leaders of sovereign nations. They are talking about the officers of the global corporations that make up “the Forum’s communities.” When they talk about “fundamentally changing the traditional context for decision-making,” they are not talking about giving more power to voters and their democratically elected representatives. They are talking about empowering unelected government bureaucracies that will work in partnership with corporations to enact global policies which enrich corporations and impoverish the middle class. WE DO NOT HAVE TO AGREE

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